I’m not buying the Nintendo 3DS

Huh. Typing out those words was a bit easier than I thought it would be, especially for such an ardent fanman like myself.

One more time, just to be sure: I’m not going to buy a 3DS.

Here’s why:


The 3DS doesn’t seem finished. Some of the promised pre-installed software isn’t going to be available until May or later. I feel as though Nintendo knows it has this hyper-connected portable that can be wirelessly updated from the cloud at any time, and they’re getting lazy–just like all the other developers and publishers (Bethesda, EA, etc) that have made shipping a buggy product without apology simply because they can update later a common practice in the industry.

Draconian updates and “un-updates”

What Nintendo openly and unabashedly says it will do with content on your 3DS is appaling and unacceptable. That 3D OK Go! music video presently installing itself on reviewer 3DS units? It will be deleted, without notice, at a future date.

“Please note that the “White Knuckles” music video is provided for a limited time and may be deleted from your system with subsequent updates.” read Brian Crecente’s fine print over at Kotaku.

“Eff you, Nintendo,” says me. Nintendo has never been what we could call “online savvy” with its portables or consoles, and that appears to have manifested itself in their latest portable as something truly awful. What a stupid, stupid way to treat your customers.

Soft launch (software)

How ironic, given all the big names and buzz surrounding the 3DS when it was revealed, that the killer app ends up being a series of freely included AG cards. They’re admittedly awesome, and shows potential, but I’m through buying expensive electronics based on potential. I’ll wait. Enough said.


Abysmal. Every review confirms it. Three to 5 hours’ worth (if that) before it’s back into the cradle for more juice. When it’s charging it takes its sweet ass time getting back to 100%. What fun it will be to game while tethered to the wall by the AC adapter.

Unacceptable and again, half-baked. This will be addressed in the 3DS Lite, I’m sure. Will people wait that long?

Stale form factor

Color me a design snob all you want, but the 3DS is stale. The colors are poor. If white is played out, try silver or platinum or some other similar, safe color. The traditional DS Lite and DSi clamshell design has proven to be unreliable and prone to looseness or breakage. It was not addressed with the 3dS, as reviewers are or anticipate running into the same exact problems.

Again, I’m being a huge snob here, but at least Sony’s ho-hum portables get a somewhat sexy redesign when a massive update like the NGP comes out. The 3DS is stuck in the 2000’s.


3D is in the title, and yet Nintendo is distancing itself from 3D even before the thing officially launches in the U.S.

“We’re moving away from any stance that says if you don’t use the 3-D functionality you can’t play this game,” a Nintendo dev told GameLife.

The point of this system is to introduce 3d, but in the face of a few reviewers’ criticism about eye strain or focus point problems Nintendo is backing off the whole 3D thing even before it launches. I’m pretty liberal, but Nintendo is like the Democrats. At the first sign of opposition they fold and concede ground. This move does not signal confidence.

I’m older

This isn’t Nintendo’s fault. People age. I’m nearly 30. I have a few hours each day to unwind when I’m not working or exercising or eating or sleeping. Unfortunately for Nintendo, there is nothing in the 3DS (or the Wii, besides Netflix at the moment) that has me itching to part with $250 +$40 for a portable and one game. I still enjoy games. I haven’t given up on them in my old age, so don’t read it like that, please—it’s simply that there is no killer app worthy of my hard-earned cash at the moment. That said, the AR cards are hella-neat.

Ad nauseum in concludium

Something with this many flaws and an apparent lack of vision or strategy is not worth my $250 (plus games). If I do get this portable, it will probably be version 2. Maybe. Nintendo’s lost me with this thing so far. I will not be buying the 3DS.

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64 Responses to I’m not buying the Nintendo 3DS

  1. Stan says:

    I was shocked to read this when I logged on to the sight today, but honestly, Jack, I’ve been thinking the same thing.

    I am at least going to wait for a 3DS2 because I simply cannot get over the poor battery life. Hopefully, that will be the main issue they fix.

  2. Boss Hog says:

    Well argued, Jack. I agree with you on several counts, with exception to colors. Both the gradient teal and gray-to-black are hot in an ’80s chic sort of way, like high-tops: http://www.smoothharold.com/i-love-that-high-tops-are-in-back-in-style/

  3. Jack says:


    Thanks. I’m just really, really frustrated with and disinterested in this product. I played it a PAX East for an extended amount of time and I really didn’t feel like I was playing anything but an update to a portable I already own (and never play).

  4. Jack says:

    At the Hog: Thanks to you too. I tried to state facts about this console, based on personal research and the trusted reviews of others, and came to the only conclusion I could: This is not a system worthy of the price asked. I’m not sure I’d even buy it at $200 or even $150. Not now, anyway.

    And these are indeed facts about the console, but I imagine some of the more passionate readers will attempt to argue differently.

  5. LucasC666 says:

    Why are you people even on this website?

  6. Jack says:

    Thanks for the amorphous, ill-defined criticism, Lucas. I think? I really have to effing clue what you’re getting at, or who you’re talking to.

  7. Dobhran says:

    As someone in his 40’s… I love my DSi XL… much easier for me to read. The thought of dropping back to much smaller screens does not thrill me. I know I am going to wait. Maybe they will make a 3DS XL someday…

    I am stocking up on DS games in the meantime. I love JRPGs and have a huge backlog to play now, so I won’t have any need for a 3DS any time soon…

  8. Hyawatta says:

    It’s Going to be a Long Wait

    Some reviewers have convinced many people to wait for a revision even though Nintendo has said that there are no immediate plans for one. Iwata noted that Nintendo used all their tricks learned from the DS Lite ‘and more’ for cutting down the size right from the start. Why doesn’t anyone believe Iwata? Do they think he’s lying?

    Nintendo has also told us that 3D can make a significant difference for gameplay, but no one seems to believe that either. Nintendo has given us examples such as 3D Hopper, Pilotwings, and Super Mario 3DS.

    I just don’t understand why people believe the opposite of what Nintendo says. There will not be a revision anytime soon, so do they really expect to wait over 3 years or so? The NGP will be out by then, so will they still be waiting for a revision of the 3DS or will they just buy that instead? It’s frustrating to see people making decisions based off of false information, especially when the truth has already been provided.

    Again, the NGP will be out before a 3DSLite, will you pass on the NGP to wait for a 3DSLite? If not will you still get a 3DSLite after purchasing the NGP? Waiting does not really seem like a viable option to me. Thank you.

  9. bb says:

    But won’t you get a review copy anyway…?

  10. Josh says:

    I agree with this sentiment, but I also know that as soon as Mario comes out I will break down and buy one. Damn you, Nintendo.

  11. king_salamon says:

    I’m in my late 30’s and even though the system has been pre-paid for already, I’m still on the fence. Sure the excitement of the launch has me leaning to a purchase but at the same time I’m wondering if I really want this system. I’m ok with the battery life, I like the design and the ‘idea’ of 3d sounds cool… it just makes me wonder, do I still want it?

    I like my games and consoles but I’m still on the fence and we’re just 3 days from launch. There are games that interest me (at least 5 or 6 of the launch titles!) but I don’t know if I want it. I guess I look at my DSi which I’ve given to my 2 year old son as I didn’t use it much (last summer when I played DQ9 was the last time it got serious playtime) and then I wonder, will this system sit on the shelf too? Maybe I’m not really a portable fan.

    At least I have a few days to think about it still… lol.

  12. Richard says:

    Jack, you’ve certainly got good reasons for holding off, but I guess I just really like what’s being offered despite all that. I can certainly think of worse ways I’ve spent $250–3 months of cable TV, for example.

    My still-functioning fat Ds has given me more pure fun than any other piece of hardware I’ve ever bought. If I get one tenth as much out of 3DS over the next year, it’ll have been worth it.

    ‘Course, this is coming from someone who hasn’t laid eyes on the thing, yet. Come Sunday, I could be watching my fat Ds laughing at my disappointment…but I’m hoping for better results.

    And, Jack….I’m 52. Don’t talk to me about “old.”

  13. L0cky says:

    you can always wait , but with that mentality you never buy anything… there is always a new shiny version somewhere in the future..

    Although i agree that the launch is lackluster without a must have title and no e-shop , i think

    you gonne have a hard time finding a 3ds when some killer apps / games are there .

    i learned from the wii , there was nothing i wanted to play but when there was i had to search for months to finally get one without paying more then the normal price.

  14. Chelsea says:


    “Some reviewers have convinced many people to wait for a revision even though Nintendo has said that there are no immediate plans for one. Iwata noted that Nintendo used all their tricks learned from the DS Lite ‘and more’ for cutting down the size right from the start. Why doesn’t anyone believe Iwata? Do they think he’s lying?”

    I don’t think he’s lying. But he’s not revealing all their plans either. In Iwata Asks, their designer said that if he could have made the original DS any smaller, he would have done so in the first place. Yet when pressed to redesign it, they somehow made it smaller anyway and we got the DS lite.

    Now they are giving us the same line as they did with the phat DS. “We used all our tricks this time, it’s as small as it can get.” Just look at Nintendo’s track record with redesign iterations of their portable systems. Ever since the GBA, it’s been one redesign after another. I’m not saying Nintendo is lying, but they would be morons to tell us “Oh yeah, you got us. Of course we have a 3DS redesign in the works.” If they told us that, then everyone would just sit on their wallets and wait until the redesign. I know I would.

    Given that this is supposed to be a portable system, the handicapped battery life is a pretty big issue. I don’t think the system necessarily needs any cosmetic improvements (though I say that without having held one IRL), but it needs some more juice and some must-have triple A titles before I even think about picking one up.

  15. Artefacto says:

    Try giving the Iwata Asks on the development of the 3DS for real facts about its design and reasons why it is the hardware it is now.

    Half Baked:
    The hardware isn’t half baked since a ridiculous amount of detail was put into it. The only real issue is the delay of the eShop. It was the eShop that was delayed, not the 3DS that was launched earlier. Recently Hideaki Konno explained that the redesign of the shop to include both the advertisements and the downloadable games in the same place – while making it a native app of the software rather than the browser based model of the previous WiiWare and DSiWare – was proving to be very time consuming. Justified? Maybe not, but it’s not out of laziness, but a desire to make it the best they can. They could have released a bad app at launch and then update it, but they chose to just launch it when they nail it.

    Draconian updates and unupdates:
    They distributed a promotional video for free, and they are covering their asses in case of any legal issue comes up at a later time. It’s not like they will delete a game you have bought from it. Also, it could also be that the contract to promote the video was time limited itself, and that’s not Nintendo’s deal but the musician’s.

    Soft launch: That’s your opinion, can’t argue with that.

    Battery: True, it’s really short. It’s not much of a CPU issue as it is a light one. They explained that the 3D screen needs A LOT of light in order to overcome the darkening from the parallax barrier. The battery already is the one they can afford at profit and the right size – otherwise the 3DS would have been a brick just because of the large battery. In a few years, their only choice would be to wait for battery prices to lower in order to afford stronger ones at the same size.

    3DS lite – Yeah, that’s not happening any time sooner. The reason the DS lite existed was because the original DS had a lot of dead space between its components, so a restructuring was at hand, and it was shrunk into the DS lite. The 3DS on the otherhand has been touted as being completely packed from the beginning. There’s just no space for size reductions in the forseeable future. Unless you want smaller screens, a smaller battery, or a simple cosmetic change to the outer shell – the 3DS lite would be years ahead of its life.

    Stale form factor:
    Completely opinionated. I’ve seen plenty of reviews loving its form and details in it. You don’t like it? Fine, but there are those who love it as well. Also, the clamshell design is the sturdiest and most reliabe form for a handheld device in order to protect it. Yes, everything breaks, you can’t avoid it – but having a DS without a clamshell is being extremely irresponsible in the safety of the device area, and the size of the whole device. I still have a 4 years old DS lite that has a hinge in perfect state without any loseness. Just take care of it and it holds up.

    3D: It varies. There are also plenty of people saying that they had no problem with it, no eyestrain or headaches after playing for extended periods of time.

  16. RisnDevil says:

    See, I can see your arguments, and even agree that some are valid, but I’m still getting it.

    This one, I just don’t agree with. The system itself is complete. Is there more stuff coming? Sure, but what is already releasing IS complete.

    Draconian updates and “un-updates”
    Here’s what I say to this: Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, any company with updateable/upgradeable software has ever, EVER, spoken of updates in any terms other than the way Nintendo is talking about them now. That having been said, Nintendo WILL NOT go around wantonly updating people’s systems without them agreeing to each update. They will probably make certain things (such as logging on to online stores) not work unless updated to the most recent version (like the Wii Shop, DSi Shop, or PSN) but at some point you will either agree to it, or it won’t happen.

    Soft launch (software)
    I can’t argue this hardly at all. I will say that I am looking forward to one game in particular that no one else seems to be: Samurai Warriors. Just like you, I don’t play for long or much every day, and hopefully this game will offer plenty of replay.
    That having been said (and a tie-in/concession to your “half-baked” contention) there is one thing that just makes NO SENSE to me: why, WHY, would Nintendo herald and showcase games at its unveiling that are not available AT LAUNCH (F*** this “launch window” S***!!!). I’m looking at you, Icarus and Zelda. Also note to you/for you Nintendo: Mario is your King. Don’t ever launch without a Mario at launch again. Period. People are going koo-koo for cocoa puffs ever the teaser you offered. Take the hint……Rant over.

    This point I can’t argue, but I do wish to be argumentative and/or pick a bone: If you aren’t playing for more than a few hours a day or a few hours at a time, why do you care? I know I really don’t (but I also intend to buy the Nyko battery pak, thingy).

    Stale form factor
    TOTALLY AGREED!!! I was SO hopeful before the unveiling, but that having been said, since I’m NOT a child I can honestly say that my DSi has had no durability issues (and I am currently in Afghanistan and have brought mine all around the world with me repeatedly to no ill-effect).

    Again, can’t really argue, but I think you might be blowing it a little out of proportion (Nintendo’s reaction/actions, that is). Has Nintendo announced a single game that they haven’t highlighted how great the 3D is? Just saying.

    I’m older
    Me too….but really, I love my DS, want the 3DS, and can always use it to catch up on my DS backlog. Plus, I AM a fanboy, and a tech-junkie, so I can’t really say no…..same reason I will have the NGP before the year is over.

    Ad nauseum in concludium (concludium? Really? lol)
    Is it perfect? No. Will it be worth it? I believe so, but I can understand why people might wish to hold off. Ever since the GBA, Nintendo has been really bad about the way they update their handhelds for no reason and really screw us early adopters….but I know that, and will still drive on.

    @LucasC666 – You sir, are an idiot, but here, let me help you.
    (Translated from idiot babble) Since this is a Nintendo website (and I missed the part of the title that says INTELLIGENT passion for all things Nintendo {which would include open and honest criticism of Nintendo instead of abject worship and following}) why are you here complaining about Nintendo’s new, heralded, life-altering product? Go to the Playstation or Xbox sites to do that.
    -Rant over, just had to help the guy out.-

  17. Artefacto says:

    “Now they are giving us the same line as they did with the phat DS. “We used all our tricks this time, it’s as small as it can get.” Just look at Nintendo’s track record with redesign iterations of their portable systems.”

    The trick from DS to DS Lite is the GBA slot. It was moved farther apart to have half of the cartridge outside of the device. That alone freed plenty of space in the main body of it. Smaller speakers on top, thinner frame overall, soft curves, and you have your redesign. The 3DS doesn’t have that luxury since all the components are internal and take space everywhere. The thing already is the size of a DS lite, the smallest they have gotten with the dual screen formula. To make it smaller, you’d need smaller screens, and that’s a definite no thank you. The slide pad takes a lot of space internally, and if you want to keep things symmetrical, you can’t make it smaller than the size of the slide pad on the sides. Not to mention that the SD card slot already takes the whole space on the left side. Make it any narrower, and it becomes too cramped. It’s a problem so that they had to revert to having the stylus slot on the back and have it shortened (though telescopically extended) because it just didn’t fit anywhere else.

    The Nintendo 3DS is not a large machine at all. It’s about the same size of a DS Lite to begin with. The only future upgrades that I can foresee would be stronger battery life, larger screens in a larger frame like the DSi or DSi XL, some repositioning of the select-home-start setup and that’s about it. The 3DS would actually benefit from being larger, not smaller, since a wider frame of 3D screen would increase the sweet spot for the 3D.

  18. Big D says:


    I can appreciate where you are coming from. I respect your opinions. Much props man, much props.

    For me, I realized as I look back over the last few months, from the 2010 E3 reveal to waiting for January 19th to pre-order, to the saving up for the system and games, to the adding of every twitter feed possible that may provide any information regarding the hand held, and then juxtapose my own enthusiasm in this context. I realized that I am a person who has been acculturated into the 21st century mindset, akin to the Jetsons, that when I want something I want it now and now better not be 60 seconds as I can only wait 15. I think this mentality has hurt the 3DS’s potential in many people’s minds (especially my own) because the selling point of Nintendo products is all about surprising the consumer. I think back to this past year and realize that my anticipation of what this little device can do and what Nintendo hopes it will continue to do are two different things. In my mind I want to know everything about it but in Nintendo’s mind they want to continue surprising people as surprising makes the experience more enjoyable. I have thought about deleting my twitter feeds and no longer obsessing over the refresh button on gaming websites, but it feels like the night before my birthday and I just stumbled upon the hiding place of all my presents. I have discovered that I am living my life in a manner that is less about living in the here-and-now and more about looking to next week or next month, or next year. In essence, I no longer have the element of surprise in my life because I am constantly Looking for the moment when I should just be Being in the moment.

    In reply to some of the statements on this thread, I myself am busy every day and cannot find much time for the things in my life, including video gaming and all of my hobbies. Yet at the end of the day, I know I will have fun with the 3DS and it’s many secret surprises that are just over each horizon. I am going to be an early adopter of the 3DS because I look forward to all of the surprises that will come from day one and all the future surprises that may or may not be there after waking my 3DS up from sleep mode.

  19. baelnic says:

    I’m still stuck on lack of compelling Games/Software, poor battery, poor price. I think I’ll need at least two of those to change before the 3DS is a must purchase for me.

    I still haven’t seen a unit though. The 3D effect could change all of that for me but I doubt it. And, of course, they could always drop a great title on me to get me to purchase asap (Pikman, new Zelda, Metroid).

  20. Karnage says:

    When the new mario comes out, we are ALL going to buy this.

  21. garyaga says:

    You said it once games star rolling out half of you will have one. The other half will be getting one for christmas this holiday season.

  22. Jack says:

    @Karnage: I honestly hope so. But even then the 3DS becomes an expensive “Mario support system,” not a console.

    To the rest: I’m loving what I see here in the comments. This is a good debate. I’m firmly set with my opinion, based on the facts and opinions of trusted others, but to see the healthy debate going on here is completely enjoyable and why I still write here from time to time.

    Let’s continue to keep it all calm, cool and collected–and most of all intelligent.

  23. deepthought says:

    it is expensive…. but i still really want to try star fox. if 3D works for me, that game could be my killer app. nostalgia-o-rama.

    the 3DS is a low priority though, well behind updating my pc and the fender squier controller….

    i got the ds lite way back when I was traveling long distances frequently. it’s still great for those random flights. but i don’t have those trips enough to make an upgrade worth it.

  24. meowser says:

    I’m not buying it either, at least not in its current form. Very lackluster.

    It may turn out with 20/20 hindsight several years from now that the DS Lite was Nintendo’s magnum opus–the very best work their engineers were capable of crafting and bringing into the world.

    The elephant in the room is Apple. Internally at Nintendo no one says the A word. The devices that are coming out of Cupertino are causing shock waves, bringing all other manufacturers to their knees in astonishment.

    The App Store is eviscerating Nintendo’s business. They are in deep denial (see recent comments by Iwata & Konno), desperately scrambling behind the scenes to find some way, any way, to preserve their prehistoric pricing scheme.

    Why is the battery life on the 3DS so short? Why do games cost $40? Why is the device so thick? Why is the top screen so small? Who really expects kids or parents to drop 250$ (+more, more, more) on this thing?

    All of these questions resound through my mind whenever I look at the damn thing. Unless Nintendo can find a way to compete, it’s game over.

  25. Jeff S. says:

    Why don’t you just admit the real problem and tell us what kind of PHONE you have.

    Seriously Nintendo is behind on the current idea of mobile. 3D is a fad.

  26. Artefacto says:

    “The elephant in the room is Apple. Internally at Nintendo no one says the A word. ”

    Not really. Iwata himself is a fan of Apple, and an iPhone user. PR may say that everything is competition, but internally they do see it directly. They just can’t afford to sustain themselves on 99 cents since Nintendo is a game maker only. Apple makes multiple devices and software, and can run it at that pace. Nintendo just can’t do that and be profitable at the same time.

    “The App Store is eviscerating Nintendo’s business.”

    Except it’s not. 3DS is selling out in Japan every week still. It’s a different market, albeit overlapped a little. True, the casual people with phones aren’t buying gaming portables, but they wouldn’t have bought them even if they didn’t have the phone games anyway.

    “Why is the battery life on the 3DS so short?”
    Stronger CPU and super battery sucking bright LCD required for the 3D screen.

    “Why do games cost $40?”
    They cost even more in Japan. Even some original DS games go for $40 like the Square Enix games, for example. 3DS games cost multiple times the budget for a DS game.

    “Why is the device so thick?”
    It’s about DS Lite thick.

    “Why is the top screen so small?”
    It’s the same height of the bottom screen, just wider. The bottom screen is marginally larger than the one on the Lite. I’d say that if they used larger screens, the device would have been larger to accomodate for space, since the bottom screen has to be of the same height as well. You want a smaller device with larger screens? – paradoxical.

    “Who really expects kids or parents to drop 250$ (+more, more, more) on this thing?”
    Everyone who is already doing it by the large amounts of preorders in the UK and the sellouts in Japan (where it’s even more expensive).

  27. bananaoomarang says:

    I bought on jan 19th. And I don’t regret it. You’re points are perfectly valid though. I see potential in this system, I’m biying because it’s NIntendo and they’ve never let me down. I wouldn’t want tol miss it, even if it’s the crappest system on Earth, for the world.

  28. meowser says:

    @Jeff S.

    I don’t own a cell phone. I play games on an iPod touch and know for a fact N. is scared $#!tless by a force they can barely comprehend.

    Except it is. Check recent sales trends. We’re not talking about hardware sales (poor profit margins) to early adopters, we’re talking about the sacred cash cow, software, where profit margins are obscene.

    Everything else including the fact that N. can’t design / manufacture hardware that can sit next to an A. product without inspiring pity is tangential to the main concern: how will they keep making money? Study the trends, read between the lines. The 3DS is not a sufficient response.

  29. GoinOn says:

    Just buy the frigging thing for petes’s sake. Stop being a cry baby. In my opinion, most of your reasons are lame, especially the battery life. How much did you expect for a system pushing so much new tech – cell phones today barely make it through the day w/o needing to be charge. And you crying about the e-Shop not being ready until May – big deal, it is 60 days away. Gamers today have no patience – I can see a hypocrites like you saying the NGP when it is released is great because is has quad-core and can get 60 minutes of battery life. Go powder your beaver……

  30. NZA36 says:

    I totally agree with every single point of this article. That being said, the moment there is a Metal Gear game for this thing I probably will break down and buy a 3DS against my better judgement, LOL.

  31. Jack says:

    @GoinOn: Obviously you’re new here? I’ve been writing for Infendo for the better part of five years, and anyone with a lick of sense in their head would know the day I buy a Sony portable is the day I sell all my worldly possessions and take on the life of a monk.

    But why berate you any further? You made your ignorance and stupidity pretty clear all by yourself!

  32. GoinOn says:

    Aw, come Jack – why post on a Nintendo-centric site the reason you are not buying a 3DS. You seem like you just want to stir up controversy for controversy’s sake – if I wanted that I would watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh. If you are going to write something write something of substance – google Malstrom – then you will know what I mean.

  33. Matthew Case says:

    Guys Guys Guys, quite bashing the 3DS!!! I will admit this is lackluster lineup andit could be better. Sure there is no mari or zelda wih the launch, at least not yet, but you know they are coming. You make it sounds like this is the virtual boy all over again. Fine don’t buy it, but don’t ruin it for others to enjoy it.

    Ocarina of Time 3D is coming kn June. I am sure things will get more interesting as we get closer to e3. I amagine we will get mario kart and animal crossing as Fall titles. This things is not even out yet and you are hating it. Give this thing a chance.

  34. Mark says:

    All of the design concerns would really only be relevant to me if I had bought a model newer than the original DS. Since I haven’t, it’s literally an upgrade from all aspects for me. Furthermore, I don’t care so much about rebuying Game Boy games or surfing the Internet (it’s called a laptop) or watching Netflix (I don’t have an account) or many of the features that haven’t been rolled out yet.

    Until maybe at least Zelda, the 3DS’s software will be a novelty like the Wii was (though it launched with a Zelda game), packed with software that shows off the fun functionality. Once that wears off, better games will be available (specifically for me, Paper Mario). Until then, I have Pokemon and Okamiden to finish, Portal 2 in April, and a slew of other games worth replaying.

    I will note, however, that it is strange that Nintendo is most heavily pushing Street Fighter over even its own titles in its advertising.

    Lastly, this also makes me ridiculously excited for Pokemon Grey, which should take amazing advantage of the Street Pass. It’s so good that it almost makes you wonder if Nintendo simply kept Black and White back on the DS because that’s what most of the kids will still have in the coming few years. (It is.)

  35. Matthew Case says:

    Sony’s NGP is a piece of poo. Will it be 3D? Just becuase they are adding a second anaglog stick will not save the system. We wanted that second analog stick six years ago!!!!. Where the hell was it? The NGP will flop big time and 3DS will soar. History will repeat itself. Sony STILL does not get it.

  36. Matthew Case says:

    You are all compaining about the price of 3DS, but it is the same price of the wii when it launched five year ago. I do recall even then people wer complaining about the price adn how they wanted it to be $200 and it ended up being $250 same as the 3DS.

    IN regard to game prices, I still don’t understnad the compaining, $40 is only five dollars more than the $35 original DS games!!. One final thought, I guarantee that the Sony NGP will cost more than 3DS. Don’t be surprised if the NGP costs $600 just like the PS3.

  37. Hitokiri_Acr says:

    Well.. I see your points jack.. Play game on cell phones today, how long does their battery last? How much do they cost unsubsidized? Games come out AFTER the systems released.. Isnt it always buying a console for the promise of good games? Mk.. Ya..

  38. Chelsea says:


    “Just buy the frigging thing for christ’s sake.”

    Why are you so upset by the idea of one person not buying the 3DS? Does it bother you that much? Though you may disagree with Jack, he explained his reasons for not purchasing one. And they are his reasons — he never said they apply to everyone. And the personal insults are really not necessary.

    “why post on a Nintendo-centric site the reason you are not buying a 3DS.”

    I think a site name like “Infendo” conjures up images of blinded fanboys who preorder every system, camp out for every launch, buy every game they can get their hands on and uncritically worship everything Nintendo does. And all of us here are clearly big Nintendo fans. But we’re not so blind that we can’t still harbor our own reservations about their choices, nor will we jump headfirst into endorsing everything they do without critically examining it first and whether it’s a good fit for me as an individual. What’s wrong with getting an alternative opinion? I’d rather get some meaningful discussion then a bunch of posts that all roundly exclaimed that the 3DS was the greatest creation ever devised by man while all the readers quietly nodded in agreement.

    The 3DS has its flaws…. only the most diehard fanboys could deny that. We should all simply accept that those flaws are more important to some than others, and that pointing them out and discussing them openly does not mean we’re trying to bash Nintendo or the 3DS. After all, if you never want to see a 3DS lite with improved battery life, then by all means, everyone just run out and purchase the first one and never, ever complain. But if others wish to vote with their wallets, then that’s their choice. It doesn’t prevent anyone else here from buying and enjoying theirs!

  39. Hyawatta says:

    So Not The Drama

    It seems like it’s the same thing they do with the Streaming videos on the Nintendo Channel. As new ones arrive, old one are no longer on the list. No one was complaining about those videos no longer being available, what’s the problem now when it seems to be the same thing?

  40. Verius says:

    I think a good portion of us are going to end up getting the 3DS, not for the 3D feature but in anticipation of good games, namely kick ass first party Nintendo games, like any gamer would that gets a Nintendo system. The original DS had a lackluster lineup for the better part of the first year, but that didn’t stop it from selling more than 140 million units worldwide. The 3DS will be fine in the software department. Sure the first few months are a little dull and slow in software but that doesn’t mean that it wont have a great library, heck you even have the whole DS library to play from too!

  41. z-nut says:

    The issue is not weather to get one or not, but “What game(s) to pick up?”
    I’m tempted by Pilotwings and/or Street Fighter, but may end up buying a ds game instead… (maybe Okamiden or Pokemon…) If anyone has suggestions, they’d be appreciated.

  42. Mark says:


    Pokemon is the best version they’ve ever done, and there aren’t any old Pokemon until after the Elite Four. Also, TMs can be used AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE.

    Okamiden’s a portable Okami, and it comes with all the predictable positives and negatives as the idea would have you to believe.

    For the 3DS, Street Fighter seems to be the best, Pilotwings struck me as a short extension of the Wii Sports Resort flying missions, and… I dunno. Ghost Recon seems like a nice enough retread of Advance Wars/Fire Emblem territory.

  43. King says:

    I was debating between this and an iPad 2. The iPad 2 won for many of the reasons listed here.

  44. Caleb says:

    Quite the debate going on here over the 3DS.

    Jack, I totally get your reasons for not purchasing the 3DS at launch and share some of them with you. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a new launch and get something before you’re entirely certain it’s what you want. Good for you for keeping your head and taking a critical look at the system.

    The biggest drawbacks to me right now are the lack of compelling games at launch, the system launching without all of its features enabled, and the fact that I’ve not gotten to go hands-on with it and see how I do with the 3D features. It’s surprising to me that so many people have put down their money for a system that has features which may not work for them–or even be harmful to them! Nintendo itself has admitted that the 3D effect is different for everyone; not everyone can see it, and some people get headaches easily when exposed to it.

    I think I’ll stick to my DSlite for now and play through some of the awesome games in the system’s backlog. The 3DS could definitely be worth it after a little time, but it’s not worth it to me right now.

  45. Yellow Bear says:

    all i can say is that it is nintendo and never before have the let me down

  46. rob says:

    I agree with you Jack 100% I still am buying a system on launch day though and most of that is just in case there is a shortage and I need my OOT fix even if I have to have the system lying around until June, however it is a upgrade for me i suppose going from DS phat to this.

  47. john says:


  48. Fabio says:

    I am also with Jack. I just don’t think this thing is worth $250.

    When it hits DS price levels we talk (half its launch price). Until there there are other systems I can get for $250. And I also don’t really use my DSL…


  49. Sam says:

    i bough tin jan 19th as well. jack has SOME points but others sound like he is reaching to persuade himself

  50. john says:

    i have a question…what are the different firms in the video game industry

  51. David says:

    john – what are you talking about? “firms”?

  52. Holly says:

    A good argument, but not stopping me from buying one.
    The one issue I have, though, is that everyone thinks that the weak launch list is such an awful thing. I’ll get the system, get one or two of the launch titles, and then ENJOY them while I wait for Zelda/Mario, etc. I see no sense in getting excited about a huge launch list…it takes time to play and enjoy any video game. Spreading out the really good ones over a longer period of time seems much more reasonable.

  53. Gabe says:

    So this guy is too old to play games… Why is he even a writer on this site then?

  54. FrX says:

    (Haven’t read any of the comments above: short on time. So if I repeat someone, I’m sorry in advance.)

    As a long time Nintendo fan and equally as a man of ‘age’ (mid-twenties, but still…), I’m not sure about this 3DS. It’s.. not what I expected.

    Even the fact that I only own the first ‘Phat’ DS, and have never owned a newer DS, I’m not convinced. I feel like I’m going to be screwed over again by Nintendo when they release a revamped, better 3DS.

    That, and the not-that-slick design combined with the dreadful battery-live (hooray 10-hour Phat DS battery life!), makes me want to wait until the better games arrive together with a revamped console.

  55. Chelsea says:

    john, your comments are off-topic. If you have questions related to Infendo that we can answer, you can use the Email Us link. But it looks like you are just doing research for school… we’re not going to do your project for you. 😛 Google/Wikipedia – look into it.

  56. Blake says:

    haters gonna hate. people like you shouldn’t be posting on a supposed Nintendo “fan blog”

  57. David says:

    Intelligent passion .. our tagline .. directly applies to an article like this. Jack researched something and made an intelligent decision, but still retains his passion. He didn’t blindly follow Nintendo and buy everything they put in front of him (which I think he has also been accused of doing on this same site). In fact, I don’t think he is badmouthing the 3DS at all and seems like he’s a little bummed out that it didn’t meet his expectations.

  58. Jeff says:

    LOL This article saying the clamshell design makes devices MORE prone to breakage?

    Whelp, Jack’s crossed into professional troll territory. Never thought I’d see the day he’d ape the mainstream games media he reviles to much, but I guess it’s too much to ask for intellectual honesty these days.

  59. Jack says:

    @Jeff: That’s a funny comment!

    Truth is, I was going by trusted reviews from sources that have had their hands on the device for a significant period of time. I’ve held it in my own hands and played it. All the ailments of the clamshell design have not been addressed in any significant way with the 3DS. Fact. That’s all I state here, but you seem to have, I dunno, some kind of weird anti-Jeff’s opinion agenda against people who don’t agree with you? Blind lashing out. Have you been playing with the 3D cranked to 100% for too long? I dunno. Guess I’m confused.

  60. SooGood says:

    I think “We’re moving away from any stance that says if you don’t use the 3-D functionality you can’t play this game,” just means that they’re not going to make players force themselves to play it on 3D all the time. I mean I would be uncomfortable if I’m obligated to play in 3D all the time. I don’t think they’re not embracing 3D.

  61. Arjen says:

    Artefacto seems to have voiced my thoughts on this article quite well.

    I am buying the 3DS, but just not yet. It has a few flaws, but those are easy to overlook in the face of fantastic games, which is what I buy a device for. And there are plenty of good games a-coming.

  62. Facelord says:

    My birthday’s on April 19th and the past few years I haven’t gotten any notable gifts, so Mom was gonna get me a 3DS then; I may tell her to wait up instead, but not for any of the reasons listed in this article. I think the 3DS is a sexy little system, the extra power alone is enough for me to drop the money for it… normally. For $20 you can get a Nyko Power Pak + battery that doubles the life of the 3DS, for $30 you can get the battery AND a charging cradle to go with it. It sucks that you have to buy it for double the battery life, but the fact that you can easily trade out the battery in the system for another is refreshing. I’m actually excited about the prospect of using a system before it’s updated to unlock all of the tech, no one will ever be able to experience that ever again after a few months. That said, the controls for the 3DS aren’t anywhere near as good as I had been hoping for since I got the original DS.

    It’s nice to see that the system has a slide pad, but why is it on the left side and not the right? Why aren’t there two? This is an issue I’ve had with the Playstation Portable since it released back in 2005, and I expected any systems to release after it to have two analog sticks. I’m disappointed in Nintendo for this. Also, why put all the focus on the top screen and have only the bottom screen as a touch screen? I’d rather not pay attention to two screens at once, especially if 3D is blasting on the top one and refocusing on the bottom one strains my already damaged eyes. And why the hell is the stylus to the left of the game cards? It was perfect with the original DS model, and subsequent revisions to have the stylus on the right side of the system are totally better than having it to the left of the freaking game card. Reaching back an extra inch can’t be comfortable, especially during thousands of hours of gaming spread over half a decade. The motion controls, the motion controls mess with the 3D effect and they cancel each other out. If a game has motion controls it can’t have 3D. That’s just how it works.

    The NGP has little to no flaws so far from what I’ve seen, except the lack of any games that I’m interested in(at all). I’ve been a fan of the big N since I was a baby, and I’d rather not ignore Nintendo’s current biggest handheld system for a Sony system, but the system doesn’t really have any big design eff-ups like the 3DS. The analog sticks look very comfortable, the motion sensing looks great, the touch screen is responsive and the touch pad on the back of the system is really badass. I’m just iffy on the 3G setup; I won’t buy the 3G model for an extra $100 if it requires a monthly fee and I won’t buy the non-3G model because I’ll feel like I’m missing out on something potentially awesome. I wish things were more clear for me right now, the suspense is killing me.

  63. nea says:

    I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to achieve my goals. I certainly liked reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the information coming. I loved it!

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