Club Nintendo’s latest reward is…kinda cool…


If you’ve joined Club Nintendo, and have been registering your first-party games (and if not, why not?), a new reward has become available in the company club store.  300 Club Nintendo coins will get you a Mario Sensu (folding fan), which will start shipping October 25th. Of all Nintendo’s Club offerings, this one strikes me as an item that could actually make a fun, unusual Holiday gift for the Nintendo gamer (I won’t say “fan” right now) who has everything. Also available are blue Blooper fans and two different Animal Crossing designs.

Have any of you redeemed coins for a reward since Club Nintendo opened shop? How did you like the merchandise?


  1. Ordered the Mario one! Was torn between that one and the Blooper one… oh how I love Bloopers. I remember getting was the Mario Hat as a Platinum member that one year, but actually using my coins, I bought the Zelda 3-poster set. So sweet.

    While these are great prizes and novelties, Japan has some really cool things that were brought up on Nintendo before, like the SNES (Classical) controller for Wii,

  2. Ordered!

  3. I’ve ordered the Zelda poster set and redeemed my Gold status for the Doc Louis’ Punch Out Wiiware game. The posters were really cool, on nice poster stock paper. The Punchout game was fun, but very short. Perhaps i should have got the Mario Hat instead. 😉

  4. Oh this would be helpful in hot summer months, just will be hurtful to my manly image.

  5. Yeah, I’ve ordered stuff. The Mario Figurine was awesome (Can’t say the same for the ‘will arrive by December, 2010) and there’s the Zelda Poster set -I’m trying to get the Mario one now- um…OH and there’s the Mario DS game rack, and Grill-Off with that…extendo…hand….thats name I can’t remember. And Japan got a SNES-style Classic Controller? …Where’s our cool controller swag?

  6. you should see what france and australia gets as well. not only does france get really cool things, when your browsing the store stars come out of your pointer, at least last time i checked it did

  7. I’ve ordered both poster sets (Zelda’s are framed, Mario’s still in the tube — frames are bought, just waiting for me to get off my lazy arse), the first Game & Watch collection (dissappointment), and got Platinum status both years (Got Doc’s Punch-Out – junk, and I forgot what this year’s award even was).

  8. llaffer –

    I actually liked Doc’s Punch-Out. Short, but well done. Since Punch-Out! was (and still is) one of my very favorite Wii titles, it was a cool little extra. This year’s Platinum award is the Mario group figurine, which I hope to see arriving in the mail soon!

  9. Ive redeemed points for the Mario and Zelda posters. Still need to get frames for them. >.<

  10. I’ve gotten both game n watch collections. I played them as a kid so I think theyre pretty awesome. I can see why you would be disappointed if you’ve never played game n watch before though.

  11. I don’t buy that many games and don’t have a Wii so my Club Nintendo points haven’t been racking up so fast. I’ve been wanting to get the SMB DS game and Stylus case, but just now when I’m so close to having enough points, they removed it from the list. 🙁 Guess I’ll settle for the Animal Crossing version instead. And I am interested by the sensu fans, but I’ve heard they’re relatively fragile.

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