Infendo Art Challenge #2: Super Mario Galaxy Edition

super mario galaxy 2 box artWith the first ever Infendo Art Challenge coming to a close soon (April 19th will be the last day for submitting your art), I’m excited to announce next month’s theme: Super Mario Galaxy! Show off your mad skills in the Infendo Forums, and we’ll show off your work to the world on the front page. This one begins immediately and extends to the end of May (in order to get us on an actual monthly routine). The rules are simple: draw, paint, or create something to do with Super Mario Galaxy, post it to the forums, and interact with fellow Infendorks about each other’s artwork.

For those of you who missed this month’s challenge, there’s still time to get your Pokemon-themed picture into the thread before the 19th. At that point, we’ll be voting who is the best, and that person will get special acknowledgement when we show off everyone’s work.