[Closed] Contest to name my Wii U folders ends tomorrow!

Residents of the United States have one day left to join the Infendo contest to name my Wii U folders! The winner will have a signed copy of Final Reverie by Essel Pratt sent to them in the mail. The rules again are: Think of some good ideas for folder names. You can send in as many or as few as you would like. I’ve got a pretty wide selection of games downloaded to my Wii U, so go wild! Just keep...

Yep, it’s a thing: the “Name Holly’s Wii U Folders” contest is on!

Okay, so maybe what I’ve got here is a little boring. Note: Apologies in advance, but this contest is open to residents of the U.S. only! What clever Wii U folder names can you come up with in 17 characters or less? If you feel like you’re on to some good ones, don’t hold back! Join the official Infendo contest to name my Wii U folders! There’s even a fantastic prize for th...

Tell us your favorite mystery, win Mystery Case Files for Wii

[youtube][/youtube] Wanna win a free Wii game? Of course you do. Here’s how. In the comments below, tell us your absolute favorite mystery and why. Could be a movie, video game, book ’ whatever. It just has to be awesome, preferably solved. Good luck! We’ll announce the winner in an upcoming episode of Infendo Radio.

Give-away: Name the best spectator sport of all time, win Mario Sports Mix for Wii

Here’s how it works: Answer this question in the comments below: What’s the greatest, most exciting, and/or best sport to watch and why? State your name and town. The person with the best answer will be announced on next week’s episode of Infendo Radio. Good luck, sports racers!

Contest: Convincingly predict how the DS will do this year, win 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

Wanna play 999 on Infendo’s dime? Of course you do. Here’s how you can be entered to win the game: In the comments of this post, tell us what kind of year the beloved Nintendo DS will have in 2011. Will it slow to a crawl after the 3DS launches in March? Will it go out with a bang? Will it enjoy a couple of more golden years? You tell us. Sign your comment with your name and town. Be 1...

Contest: Be the 100th commenter on this post, win FlingSmash for Wii – UPDATE: We have a winner!

UPDATE: The winner is John from Leicester, UK, who gets bonus points for his well-timed delivery. Email us your address, John, and we’ll send the game via carrier pigeon to swinging England. Original post: Want it? Get to commenting! Failure to include your name and town results in forfeiture. Good luck!

Contest: Argue the greatest Disney movie ever, win Guilty Party for Wii

Wanna win a copy of Disney’s Guilty Party for Wii? To win the sleeper game, make the most convincing argument for the greatest Disney movie ever in the comments below, including your name and town, and we’ll announce the winner on Friday’s podcast. Good luck!

This week’s Infendo Radio is bursting with mailbag

Join Derek and I as we discuss Sonic irrelevance, NES quibbles, reader mail, and the Epic Kirby winner. Music courtesy Pantera “Mouth For War” and Röyksopp “Miss it so much.” Enjoy it! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 32:00 — 5.6MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Email | RSS

Listen to this week’s Infendo Radio, win Kirby’s Epic Yarn

In case you haven’t heard, Infendo Radio got a 1up this month. It no longer rambles. It’s short and sweet. And your hosts have a lot of fun recording it. Whether you used to listen to Infendo Radio during the Scott days, or have never listened before, we wanna change that. And we’re giving away free loot to entice you. Here’s how it works: Listen to this week’s 40-min...

Commodore Dread Flint, Buckler-of-Swashes and Pirate, wins pirate contest

Thanks in part to his effort, Jason Parker wins the pirate contest with his entry: Commodore Dread Flint, Buckler-of-Swashes and Pirate. Congratulations, Jason. Email with your address and we’ll get the game out to you. Honorable mention: Patrick’s “Iva Gott Scurvey.” Have a great weekend, everyone.

Contest: Tell us the best pirate name ever, win Sid Meier’s Pirates for Wii

Arrr, mateys! Wanna play this classic high-seas adventure game in widescreen on Wii? Tell us the funniest Pirate name in the world, along with your own name and town in the comments. The winner, as selected by Infendo, will then be announced next week, followed by some sweet postal action. U.S. residents only (sorry international readers). Good luck!