This week’s Infendo Radio is bursting with mailbag

Join Derek and I as we discuss Sonic irrelevance, NES quibbles, reader mail, and the Epic Kirby winner. Music courtesy Pantera “Mouth For War” and Röyksopp “Miss it so much.”

Enjoy it!


5 Responses to This week’s Infendo Radio is bursting with mailbag

  1. brian says:

    awww so sad I was one off 🙁

  2. bananaoomarang says:

    I can second that kids don’t know how to use VC, about 80% of them think the wii is a load of rubbish they don’t even know it can connect to the internet, all they see is some ‘kiddy’ looking games and some shovelware minigame compilations etc.

  3. Andy says:

    Nah that’s not true well at least my friends

  4. Andy says:

    I do have friends that think the wii is kiddy but that’s like 20% of friends

  5. Pyriel says:

    I agree that the wii is not always recognized as a hardcore game system. A good example of that is Epic Kirby. Even though it is a great game it can come off as a childs game on the surface and people don’t get to experience what a good game it is. But all us Nintendoers just scoff because we know what they are missing.

    Love the site and podcast, Blake and Derek you guys are doing a great job. Just out of curiosity what happened to the old podcast crew? Are they on hiatus (hope that is spelled right), not doing the podcast anymore? Or did I miss something? Anyways, keep up the excellent job.

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