Listen to this week’s Infendo Radio, win Kirby’s Epic Yarn

In case you haven’t heard, Infendo Radio got a 1up this month. It no longer rambles. It’s short and sweet. And your hosts have a lot of fun recording it.

Whether you used to listen to Infendo Radio during the Scott days, or have never listened before, we wanna change that. And we’re giving away free loot to entice you.

Here’s how it works: Listen to this week’s 40-minute episode, count the number of times we say “Wii,” and email us with the correct answer. We’ll then select at random one of the correct answers and ship out a brand spanking new copy of Kirby’s Epic Yarn when it releases on Oct. 17. To make it extra fun, we’ll also be sending swag, accessories, and shovelware at random to correct participants.

Winners will be announced on next week’s show. So without further adieu, join Derek and Blake as they discuss Wii Party, easy games, 3DS pricing, On the Radar (new segment), Zelda, and more.