Infendo Poll – E3 Caption Contest

Don’t forget: this poll ends today at 5PM Eastern!

There were a ton of great entries for our E3 Caption Contest, but they have been narrowed down to five! It’s up to Infendo Nation to pick the winner! [Links to the pictures are in the poll below.]


Voting ends on Friday at 5PM Eastern time!


  1. Vince got my vote. Hilarious concept.

  2. Vince was hillarious, but Amir was really funny, too.

    I’ve narrowed it down to you guys, not only because they were funny, but it looked like you put a lot of photoshop work into it.

    Can’t decide. I’ll flip a coin. Heads Amir, tales will be Vince… okay, Amir gets my vote.

  3. P.S., I want to congradulate everyone for their work. You all deserve a copy of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. An extra congradulations will go out to the winner.

  4. Vince’s is good, but I can’t resist a cheesy pirate joke.

  5. I had to decide between John and Vince…

  6. #2 was funny and tastefully done as well.

  7. Wow I don’t know what it is but I thought they all kind of sucked but then again I just got out of the hospital so maybe I lost my since of humor temporarily. Number 5 got my vote simply because it is a SSBB reference.

  8. chris got the biggest laugh from me, but nicely done by all.

  9. You guys do know about the dramatic prairie dog, right?

  10. My vote goes to Vince.

  11. I’ve only seen the Dramatic Praire dog on TV before. Yes, he’s a hillarious hamster thing.

  12. man… like… 300 jokes seriously?
    i like the third one. the other ones werent really that funny to me.

  13. Yeah, some of these jokes are kinda stale. Next contest, I want to see some creative and original entrees, please.

  14. Totally, I don’t find any to be funny at all. No vote from me.

  15. Does anyone know how many entries were received in this contest?

  16. Why can’t you just tell when the poll ends in GMT time? Everyone knows his GMT offset.

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