How the heck do you pronounce Ocarina?


We’re all excited to play Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 3D this summer, but depending on which dictionary you ask, it can be pronounced a couple of different ways. We want to know:


If these aren’t how you pronounce it, tell us what you say in comments. Then tune in to the next Infendo Radio to hear Blake and Derek address this heated debate!

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  1. Oh-ka-rina? I guess…


  2. Try….Ah-ka-re-nah

  3. Ah-ka-re-nah as well

  4. Ah/Aw- karina is the proper dictionary way to pronounce it, but I’ve been saying Oh-karina for so long that I don’t plan on changing it.

  5. Geez, I’ve been saying “Okay-rye-NAY” all this time!

    Kidding! Ah-kah-ree-nah for me.

  6. The way it’s pronounced in Spanish, with hard vowel sounds.

  7. ah-karina

  8. i have heard tons of people say oh-karina but never heard a aw-karina..

  9. Oh, I pronounce it with Oh

  10. In spanish we say: Oh-ka-ree-na with hard vowels as someone already suggested…

  11. Oh Carolina!?

  12. The first way. Indeed, until this article/poll, I never knew there were multiple ways to pronounce the word and game title.

  13. Yeah I like ah corina best

  14. I say Ah-carina, which I know is the proper way, but my friends say oh-carina. Well, it could be that one is actually Mexican and has a heavy accent, but as for my other friends (varying in ethnicity) for the most part say oh-carina.

  15. It depends where your from probably. We have 2 towns in MA that give outsider problems. One is called Billerica. The other is Worcester. How would you guys pronounce those?

  16. The proper way to say, well at least locally is;


    Btw I say oh-ca-reena

  17. @Alvaro,
    Don’t forget the soft r sound as well.

  18. @Ac – You forgot Leominster.

  19. I say “Or-car-rin-na”. Because I like extra letters.

  20. Ah-ca-re-na.
    Also, sweet jesus the two are nearly even.

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