Zelda Ocarina of Time

Awesome Ocarina of Time wallpaper

Happy Thursday, y’all. Here’s a hot new wallpaper from Ocarina of Time for you to enjoy, straight outta Nintendo’s press site.

How the heck do you pronounce Ocarina?

We’re all excited to play Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 3D this summer, but depending on which dictionary you ask, it can be pronounced a couple of different ways. We want to know: {democracy:141} If these aren’t how you pronounce it, tell us what you say in comments. Then tune in to the next Infendo Radio to hear Blake and Derek address this heated debate! [Image source]

Legend of Zelda Wii, Leaks, and Speculations?

There have been a lot of rumors about info leaks about the new legend of Zelda Game, below is a collection of the most plausible sounding rumors around.

Did you know about the Secret Soldier?

If I would of found this anytime I played the game I would of been really upset. I don’t think anyone every really died in a Zelda game before; besides Ganondorf and a whole bunch of monsters and bosses. According to this video if you run in the back alley after you acquire the Ocarina of Time, you will encounter this soldier. It’s strange that no one has ever really talked about this&...

Link Puts High-School Book-Bag Into Perspective

The Autumn Society of Philadelphia art collective is hosting an 8-Bit and Video Game themed art show beginning August 7th, and artist Kim Herbst gives us a sneak peek of her entry: a lethargic Link completely baffled by how he is going to carry all of his gear through both time and space. I just want to know how you can carry a candle and a wooden-ladder in the same bag without setting your horse ...

Fox News now Employing Zelda Music

Seems like Fox has gotten some Nintendo fans in the studio. At the 55 second mark during the interview of people around town, you can hear the house tune from Ocarina of time. It’s kind of weird to hear Zelda music during a serious news story, but then again it’s Fox news. Is this cool, or just plain weird?

Zelda manga made me buy a backward book

Spotting something Zelda related when we least expect it can expose the inner nerd in each of us. Browsing a local book shop today, my eyes nearly popped out of my head at the mere sight of Link. “What is this?!” I exclaimed with all the ferocity of a ten-year old. I scrambled through Faulkner and Hemingway to grasp the Legend of Zelda manga, a Japanese graphic novel that reads from ba...

Zelda sales comparison shows Ocarina on top

The chart above is a comparison of the worldwide sales of each of the 3D Zelda console games. A 3D chart comparing 3D Zelda sales’cue the mind blow! More than a decade since its release, 1998’s Ocarina of Time stands as the best-selling 3D Zelda game to date with 7.6 million copies sold. The latest entry in the series, Twilight Princess, is gaining on the legendary Nintendo 64 classic, selli...

Spray is the new Mario Sunshine, at least in terms of enabling liquid explosions

That headline is completely unsubstantiated, but Game Informer seems to like the upcoming Wii title you’ve probably never heard of — they even compare it to Ocarina of Time (gasp!). From the preview: Strangely enough, I had a sense of nostalgia traceable back to playing Ocarina of Time when navigating the large environments and solving Spray’s puzzles. While Spray does not featur...