Legend of Zelda Wii, Leaks, and Speculations?



There have been a lot of rumors about info leaks about the new legend of Zelda Game, below is a collection of the most plausible sounding rumors around.

This info comes from a 2ch, a japanese futaba board, pretty much the underbelly of the internet full of rumors, lies, truths, and what have you. So take all this information with a grain of salt.

  • The game will be vary from the “dungeon -> field -> dungeon” method we are accustomed too (Eiji Aonuma confirmed that last year).
  • You will be able to select right or left handed at the start, and Link will be left or right handed based on your selection
  • One of the characters they are working on is a innkeeper in Link’s home village who has a son that looks up to Link.
  • The girl in the art is not the Master Sword, and it appears that the Master Sword will not be in the game.
  • The girls name from the painting could possibly be either Adelle, Adella, or Aderu.
  • She is not with you throughout the game like Ezlo and Midna.
  • The face in the painting of her is not her real face. It’s not fully elaborated on much, but it does say that it was a place holder concept art piece.
  • Link’s sword is highly unique in this game, and will have several unlockable abilities. Adelle communicates with you through this sword.
  • There will be horseback combat. Epona will avoid obstacles automatically.
  • The models for 3 significant characters in the game have been touched up, but no they are not Zelda or Ganondorf.
  • The idea of this version of Link also being The Hero of Time has been highly considered, and may already be implemented.
  • Time travel plays a roll in the game.
  • The game takes place in more then just Hyrule, and may not possibly be Hyrule at all.

I kind of like some of these wishy-washy statements.

[via Zeldainformer]

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  1. If any or all of those are true, that’s great, because none of them sound bad.

  2. No Master Sword means this has to be fake.

  3. No Master Sword does sound a bit… far fetched, but does not automatically make it fake. Let’s face it, the Master Sword was nowhere to be found in the original Zelda anyway.

  4. You’re making it sound like a Majora’s Mask sequel. No Zelda. No Ganon. No Master Sword. Hero of Time. Time Travel. Epona. Not in Hyrule.
    If it truly is a MM sequel… this is going to be the greatest game ever.

  5. ^That is exactly what it sounds like.

    I wouldn’t mind a Majora’s Mask Sequel.

  6. Sighhh -.-
    I really hope it’s not a mm sequel. Or have anything with traveling through time. The idea of hving a time limit really irritates me. I hope most of these are fake.

  7. MM sequel would be okay. I somewhat agree w/ Sheldon that the time limit COULD be irritating, BUT it did open up some cool angles (right place right time stuff). No Master Sword= NBD the new fighting stuff will hopefully fill this “void”

  8. A different article I read about this stated that the new game will in fact be a Majora’s Mask sequel. I hope it does not follow the same idea of Majora’s Mask in that it will place a time limit on your adventure. That was really annoying, having to start over if you forgot to play the Ocarina.

  9. It doesn’t have to be am MM sequel, as long as it SHAKES UP THE FRANCHISE as much as MM did. That is the impression I get from these rumors. It will be LIKE MM in the way it completely alters the stagnent Zelda formula. That is exciting.

  10. I collected my final mask today in Majora’s Mask (my first time playing it–slipped past me somehow) and I have been absolutely stunned by the symbolism, maturity and storytelling mechanics in this game.

    Hopefully the new Zelda will have what made Majora so great:

    New enemy,
    new game mechanics,
    mix of fresh and familiar.

    And preferably no Hyrule. Let’s take another vacation.
    Although the moon falling does stress out a vacation a bit.

    The sun this time?

  11. if i recall properly, the last game involving time travel and made sense (just s alight bit) is time hollow… in light i hope for no time travel. and i hope this game’s got more story than regular zelda games

  12. @ Muggy8

    I just want to give you props for picking up Time Hollow, that was one of my favorite games for the DS.

  13. facts:
    +An engine that is not similar to Ocarina of Time
    +Motion Plus support

    my thoughts:
    I feel a first person, or 3rd person-close-to-shoulder view to emphasize the movement of Link’s arms as he uses different weapons/items.

    The dungeon-less nature of it makes me feel like it’ll be sand-box gameplay, or that the whole game is one ginormous-scale “dungeon.” If it was a level-by-level linear game, it wouldn’t feel like Zelda at all.