Fox News now Employing Zelda Music

Seems like Fox has gotten some Nintendo fans in the studio. At the 55 second mark during the interview of people around town, you can hear the house tune from Ocarina of time. It’s kind of weird to hear Zelda music during a serious news story, but then again it’s Fox news. Is this cool, or just plain weird?

14 Responses to Fox News now Employing Zelda Music

  1. Jake Barber says:

    “What’s this…. we’re getting confirmation that a young boy, last seen riding a horse wearing green has been spotted near the Lanayru Province.”

    “So… this boy in green, can we trust him? We recommend you keep your doors locked and your pottery out of his way, he seems to have a record of trespassing and vandalism.”

    “I hope those Hylian guards actually do something about this. Hyrule cannot be safe with these lunatics running around. Won’t somebody please think of the children?”

  2. BaNaNa says:

    hahaha lmao. that’s so hilarious. i can’t take it seriously hahaha

  3. Gunder says:

    Ahh, apparently this is what I’ve been missing since the digital transfer on my local Detroit-area stations.

  4. buttle says:

    that’s so good.
    it should be mentioned that this is not fox news. but just a local fox channel.
    i’d really like to know if the person who chose the music knew what it was.

  5. David says:

    Well, it is a local Fox affiliate and not the full-on Fox News Channel. Still, weird choice for music.

  6. thatguy says:

    They should have listend to Navi

  7. Used Cisco says:

    Buttle and David beat me to it, but yeah, this is hilarious. And I’m sure the guy who used it knew what it was. How would you get that audio sample by accident?

  8. GrumpyDavid says:

    Wow that is hilarious!!! Thanks for posting. And that is not what people call “Fox News” you dummy it’s a local affiliate. I know I’m the third or fourth person to mention that but I am grumpy after all.

  9. RoyalRook says:

    I am not trying to be the stupid racist of the day, but that’s a lot of dumb black people in a same room. No wonder there weren’t any TVs left in there.

  10. Shmian says:

    XD I bet they don’t even know what that music is from…….
    One time I hear the post office music from Animal Crossing in the background on an insurance commercial on the radio….
    My brother and I lol’d and my mom was like…..Why are you laughing?

  11. Farore says:

    That…. was strange. The music totally didn’t belong, and it was just distracting.

  12. thelostzelda says:

    they do realize that that music is under copyright by nintendo, right? I hope that they paid to use it. otherwise, I hope nintendo finds out. nintendo could always use a few more bucks to throw into the developement sector for extra hands.

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