YouTube Tuesday: Great Songs from the GameCube Era -Updated-


I picked seven ten GameCube songs to share with you guys today. Some of these songs are actually on my MP3 player, because they are either composed very well and are quite catchy or just soothing to listen to.

There is no particular order to this list, but I want to ask you Infendo, what are some of your favorite songs from video games in general?







— Updated with 3 New songs —




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  1. I love the music in the Metroid Prime series. I think that is some of the best music I have ever heard in a game let alone the GameCube era.

  2. Those are some awesome songs choices. Pretty much every track song from F-Zero is epic, but you picked one of the best IMO. I’m glad to see some FF: Crystal Chronicles and PSO love.

  3. Yeah, you picked some awesome songs!

  4. Everyone loves Dragon Roost Island. While it’s definitely good, I prefer the main theme. Particularly, the medley-ish version that plays during the end credits. See here:

  5. Wow, you have great taste, my friend. I also really like Grand Metropolis and Bingo Highway from the Sonic Heroes soundtrack.

    And props for including F-Zero GX and PSO.

  6. When i first subscribed to Nintendo Power back in like 2000 or something my subscription came with a CD of all the music on Super Smash Bros Melee. I listened to those songs like crazy in elementary school and played them in the car CD slot all the time. My dad can still hum all of the Smash Songs from that CD now.

    Other than that pretty much all the music in WindWaker was amazing.

  7. @ cmdg

    I loved that CD, I used to listen to that during chemistry class all the time (I was actually a serious student. I just kept my sound low and had bud in one of my ears.)

    To be honest I have folders and folders of video game music, I listen to it all the time, it’s actually very relaxing and soothing.

    @ everyone

    Thanks for the compliments on my selection, it took me a bit to make a selection from each game.

  8. I can’t think much of original songs, but all songs from SSX3 were great. I could just sit back, relax and board the entire mountain until the bottom (close to 30 minutes) then start again with Radio BIG.

  9. Finally someone who understands! lol just a little Nintendo is to enjoy music. period.

  10. hah, i was just looking at the title of this and was thinking – i probably only got Rave On from K7 on my mp3 player

  11. Beyond Good and Evil – The funky Akuda bar.
    Prime has amazing music. I really like the title screen, I use that in Brawl.

  12. I love the soundtrack for Metroid Prime. The whole thing is a feast to the ears.

  13. @cmdg Are you referring to “Smashing… Live”? The orchestral one? I ask because I subscribed to Nintendo Power for over ten years (just stopped a couple months ago) and that’s the only smash CD they gave out so far as I know and if you have a different one, I’ma feel gyped.

  14. Its funny… Phantasy Star Online was such a terrible game… it was repetitive in the highest fashion…


    I played that game until my Dreamcast burned up. It was a religion to me.

  15. My Favorites are:

    Red Carpet Extend-o-Matic ~ World of Goo ~

    Fountain of Dreams (Melee) ~ Super Smash Bros Brawl ~

    Go K.K. Rider! ~ Super Smash Bros. Brawl ~

    End of the Universe ~ Meteos ~ (couldn’t find it on YouTube…)

    Rainbow Road ~ Super Smash Bros. Brawl ~

    and if this applies to all games, not just Nintendo…

    Still Alive ~ Portal ~

    and a version of Rainbow Road that will haunt you…

  16. The Super Smash Bros. Brawl orchestrated theme. I can play it on my violin.

    I love the Sonic Rush soundtrack, especially the Boss Music.

    I have the Twilight Princess Soundtrack Nintendo Power gave away. It’s pretty cool.

    Having said that, nothing can beat the awesomeness that is…

  17. I never knew PSO music was that good… I can’t believe I missed out on this game.

  18. I’m a big VG music fan, I have so much VG music on my ipod
    Definitely agree with the late addition of baten kaitos music, though Supreme Ruler of the nine heavens (final boss music) is my favourite. F-zero music has been good since the snes.

  19. Oh, and, I just followed Roxxor’s last link to scary rainbow road, I’m seriously scared 0.0

  20. Some good choices. The Baten Kaitos song listed, the opening reminded me of FFVI’s boss battle music.

    @ Roxxor – who doesn’t like Still Alive. That’s one of the best original songs in gaming!

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