That One Time… Looking Back on Weird Nintendo Moments

That one time Link had pink hair If you’ve ever played the SNES classic A Link to the Past, you’re aware that the sprite for Link looks a little… unusual. This is the only version of the game where instead of his standard blonde or brown hair, link is sporting a pink ‘doo. Many people argue that the pink is part of his hat, but a sideways view of the sprite quickly reveals ...

Which bit-player in the Mario universe would you like to see more of?

Four days ’till Super Mario 3D Land! That gives us plenty of time to discuss deep, important issues such as… Of all the weird, crazy minor characters that have taken part in Mario’s surreal adventures, which one deserves more appearances? I have several favorites: The Bob-omb King, The Pianta Street Vendor, any of the Lava Hippos…

WiiWaa, Creepiest thing I have ever Seen

I swear things marketed towards the younger audiences are really creepy… sometimes. Yet… It’s strangely awesome in it’s own way. [Via WiiWaa World]

Fox News now Employing Zelda Music

Seems like Fox has gotten some Nintendo fans in the studio. At the 55 second mark during the interview of people around town, you can hear the house tune from Ocarina of time. It’s kind of weird to hear Zelda music during a serious news story, but then again it’s Fox news. Is this cool, or just plain weird?

Can you Pop & Lock to the Mii channel Theme?

Caught this on GoNintendo, weird stuff.