WiiWaa, Creepiest thing I have ever Seen

I swear things marketed towards the younger audiences are really creepy… sometimes. Yet… It’s strangely awesome in it’s own way.

[Via WiiWaa World]

14 Responses to WiiWaa, Creepiest thing I have ever Seen

  1. Attilio says:

    The doll is creepy, but I understand the concept. Good marketing strategy.

  2. Anthony says:

    I wonder where the Nunchuk plugs in… :S

  3. Uilian says:

    It´s the case to see the thing not with the eyes of an adult, with the preconceptions of an adult. After all, It´s a product that was not made for us.
    Let´s leave to the kids to say what they think about.

  4. cmdg says:

    If I was 10 I would want that so bleeping much.

  5. Roddy says:

    Well, my 3-year-old thought it was nice, but the wife actually made more fuss about it than he did.

  6. Jamie says:

    I think that’s pretty cool, but, OMG IT EATS WIIMOTES!!!

  7. Fesworks says:


    Actually this is awesome for a very young child. There is a lot of potential here is they do it right.

  8. Abysmal says:

    I’m never sleeping again.

  9. bobdotexe says:

    I wonder why the kid has a bandage;
    hmmmm, maybe those pins????

  10. Zac says:

    This game actually looks pretty cool. Too bad they wasted the great style on a gimmick.

  11. Will says:

    Zac, Perhaps the same thing can be said of all games?

  12. Sean (Logged out!) says:

    Looks like an on-rails 3D/over-the shoulder platformed. It can’t be any worse than Sonic and the Secret rings. I’m game.

  13. waltermh says:

    What language was that song in?

    I couldnt tell what was up there, but the song sounded terrible.

    Game was fine, but as a seasoned gamer, the atrocious controls bothered me.
    (Obviously, with the controller in a sruffed animal that becomes the controller, it comes down only to basic gestures being capable.)

    Only serves as a gimmick to draw in youngsters to great profit, not to make a good game.

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