Poll – Have you bought any WiiWare games yet?


We chatted about it on Infendo Radio this week, so now we want to know:


Tell us your impressions of WiiWare games or suggestions for games to buy in our comments!


  1. Thus far I’ve bought Defend Your Castle, Lost Winds and Dr. Mario Online Rx. I posted some impressions on the forums already:


    DYC is a decent enough time waster, though once you’ve maxed out your upgrades, you’re just adding to the numbers of archers, etc. Even more options would have been nice. A little hard to justify $5 when you can get Super Mario 3 for the same price.

    Lost Winds I liked a LOT, a little disappointed I finished it in 3 hours. It’s the benchmark WiiWare title for me so far in terms of design and creativity.

    Dr. Mario is well…. Dr. Mario. Nothing broken there. Could have used 4 person multiplayer. Online play was the selling point for me though. Virus Buster is also quite fun, though I haven’t done much multiplayer stuff with it.

  2. Not yet. I wanna buy LostWinds, and maybe get Dr. Mario. But the whole problem down here is the all-mighty dollar. 10 bucks is almost 20 reais, and the wife doesn’t care much about all that spendin’. 😛 Not to mention VC and regular games I still want. 🙁

  3. Still waiting for the games my girl (Since she stole my Wii… but she bought me the PS3 so i am kool with it) likes to come out before we get on the WiiWare bandwagon.

    Games like:
    World of Goo
    Toki Tori (she getting it this weekend)

  4. Several WiiWare games look really good, but I’ve only downloaded Lost Winds so far. My impressions are offered below:

    Lost Winds is a little bit sparse, with mediocre level design and very few enemies… but it manages to be very entertaining anyway because of how you can use the wind controls to affect your character, enemies, and other objects during the adventure. This is a game that you will want to pick up and play repeatedly just because it’s fun to move around in the environment.

    Technically, the game is solid across the board. While the graphics aren’t anything to write home about, the art style is very appealing. Even background objects are affected by your use of wind powers, which creates a strong sense of immersion. Music and sound effects tend to be subtle but effective (not to mention relaxing). Controls are responsive and make great use of the pointer/nunchuck setup that is unique to Wii.

    No game is perfect however. Lost Winds is quite short, running about 3 hours for most people the first time through – possibly less if you are pushing through as quickly as possible. It’s also an easy adventure, with puzzles and combat both being less important than the simple sense of exploration and discovery within the game. My final complaint is that many players may find themselves poorly prepared for the final encounter because combat is rarely necessary (or really encouraged) until that point in time.

    All said, Lost Winds was easily worth the 1000 Wii Points for me. I found myself drawn back to Lost Winds often just to wander around and interact with the game world – something that rarely happens for me, and the reason I recommend this game to others. Just be aware that the game is about exploration, and not action or excitement.

  5. Have picked up Lost Winds and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, very happy with both purchases. Will also pick up Toki Tori at some point, but have not done so yet. Looking forward to World of Goo and Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People in the near future.

  6. I’m waiting till a really good wiiware game comes out that i can spend my hard-earned, star-bought wii points on

  7. I’ve downloaded LostWinds and My Life as a King. LostWinds is a benchmark title for WiiWare and the Wii as a whole. This 40 MB game looks better than most third-party Wii games and offers the type of unique experience the Wii promised. Length isn’t an issue for me since I will play LostWinds again.

    My Life as a King is an incredibly charming game. I’m not a fan of sim or computer games yet I find myself addicted to MLAAK.

    I haven’t downloaded any other WiiWare games because I’m out of space. I’ve backed up LostWinds and many of my VC games to free up some space and then I installed the level editor for Blast Works and downloaded Samurai Shodown and most of the free space is gone.

  8. Lost Winds – Great
    My Life as a King – Great (for a sim-like game with RPG elements)
    Defend Your Castle – Great with friends (The 4 player multiplayer is well worth the $5 since, you know, it is free online)
    Toki Tori – Great Puzzle game
    My Pokemon Ranch – For the Pokefans (Plus, free MEW!!!!!!!!!!)

  9. I will be getting Lost Winds and FFCC:MLAAK (nice abbreviation) soon. I HATE dealing with the stupid points systems. One thing that Sony got right was keeping info in your Playstation Store account on payment. Just check out and get a receipt in email. No stupid Wii or XBL points to worry about and no interest free loan to the companies as unused points sit our there.

  10. None have really caught my attention yet, however I will buy the StrongBad game when it becomes available.

  11. “No stupid Wii or XBL points to worry about and no interest free loan to the companies as unused points sit our there.”

    Unused points? I wish. :p

  12. Only Lostwinds for me. great game, great fun. I want to buy Crystal Chronicles but for now it’s too expensive. My gaming budget is on haitus at the moment so it’ll have to wait a while.

    @ cdondanville that’s a very good point. Whilst the game stores of the world hold the Wii points cards, nintendo recieves all that money basically as an interest free loan. Nintendo make their money long before you spend the points on VC and WiiWare games. Kinda genious but also kind of evil. Atleast it explains why they do use the points system instead of direct money purchases.

  13. I haven’t bought any yet, but only because I don’t have the cash for any games right now.

  14. I picked “no” because I haven’t seen a single solid Wiiware game out for a decent price yet. I want an arcadey action title that you can pick up and play. If treasure was working on the Wiiware I’d be MORE than happy to pick up their title.

    Maybe if Capcom or Sega releases and downloadable Megaman or Sonic title I’d pick it up too. So far nothing seems very cool except maybe SSR but its five minutes long!

    Maybe we can see some arcade games come to wii owners now? I’d kill for Marvel vs. Capcom.

  15. Final Fantasy CC: MLaaK is all.

    Honestly, nothing really interests me beyond that for the price they are.

  16. Not yet but I’m waiting to see the price and quality of World of Goo, though Toki Tori is also intriguing as well as Lost Winds.

  17. Nope, I’m boycotting WiiWare until they release Earthbound.

  18. FF CC:MLaaK, best “wiied” game evaaa.

  19. Everyone needs LostWinds, pOp, and Toki Tori. FFCC: MLaaK is great too.

    All these games have a lot to offer for the price and are some of the best downloadable titles available on any console.

  20. I want Marvel vs. Capcom. Or how about SFII HD remix? Pac-Man CE Wii edition maybe? Super Smash TV 2?

  21. Actually all those games kind of suck gojiguy… Who wants remade games when you can either buy original games for a slightly cheaper price.

    I even got duped into buying Pac Man CE, SF II HD Remix, and Ikaruga HD because of all the hype they received. Only Ikaruga was remotely worth the price and it’s too damn hard to play for long.

  22. i get them for free on teh internets

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