Give-away: Name the best spectator sport of all time, win Mario Sports Mix for Wii

Here’s how it works:

  1. Answer this question in the comments below: What’s the greatest, most exciting, and/or best sport to watch and why?
  2. State your name and town.

The person with the best answer will be announced on next week’s episode of Infendo Radio. Good luck, sports racers!

39 Responses to Give-away: Name the best spectator sport of all time, win Mario Sports Mix for Wii

  1. Craig McNair says:

    Best spectator sport in the world is brazillian womens volleyball!!!!!!

  2. Theoldman in the cave says:

    Basketball is the best to watch, because it’s so fast paced. Hockey and soccer are good to because of the fights. But yeah, basketball.

    Kellen Appleton Ona WV

  3. Mohan says:

    Basketball is best to watch because not one is it fast paced like Kallen said, but a game can turn from one team winning to another team winner within second (considering if one team isn’t up by 20 or so points), if it’s a close game then it that much more exciting to watch.

    Mohan Ram Riverside, CA

  4. J Munster says:

    Do you like pulse-pounding excitement? Do you enjoy the thrill of sweet rewards of victory and the agony of defeat? Do you relish in other people’s epic achievements and sob-story failures?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you should definitely be watching the greatest sport of all:golf.

    Golf? Yes…competitive golf is exhilarating to watch and even more fun to play. A sport that is physical, but is mostly mental. Golf is also so much fun to play on Wii and on my phone…you can’t go wrong! 🙂

    J. Munster
    Auburn, PA

  5. L0cky says:

    women hockey , i don’t need to explain why i think …

    Rotterdam, netherlands

  6. Arjen says:

    I’d have to say baseball.

    Unlike many other sports, baseball seldom falls into boring periods.

    Soccer, for instance, can go on for over an hour without either team getting a really good chance.

    With baseball, you’re on your toes almost constantly. First, the focus is on the pitcher and the batter – mistakes will cost the batter, and if he hits the ball sloppily, can cause problems for the rest of this team. After the batter hits the ball, it’s a battle against time – time decided by the skill of the team in the field.

    … In short, I enjoy that there are two “phases” and that each individual’s influence can make or break the game.

  7. Arjen says:

    Oh, I forgot my name and town.
    Arjen de Haan from Steenwijk in the Netherlands.

  8. Geoff Baker says:

    Hockey is the greatest spectator sport, but it needs to be live. The players move faster then any other human powered sport, and they are permitted (even encouraged) to crash into each other at top speed. Then they fire a rubber disk at each other at speeds topping 100MPH, and if someone really ticks another guy off they pound the crap out of each other!

    Live Hockey is the more fantastic sport to watch.

    Martensville, SK, Canada

  9. B. Crowther says:

    NCAA Basketball, particularly the March Madness tournament. There is nothing better than to watch one of your teams clinch victory in a close, critical match to advance in the tournament (particularly when one of your friends is cheering for the other team).

    B. Crowther
    Provo, Utah

  10. pikminpower says:

    Of course, the best sport of all to watch is tennis. The ball bounces back and forth, and back and forth. It never stops. Your head follows the ball as it rockets over the net, only to be hit back by the opponent. But then… the ball gets some spin put on it. Tennis Player 1 dives for the ball… and misses! 15-00!

  11. pikminpower says:

    Oh, my name.

    Riley Fink
    Wausau, Wisconsin

  12. mike says:

    i can tell you what it isn’t. I have been to the indianapolis 500. If you like like watching a car drive around in a circle all day long there is something wrong with you. Not to mention the track is so big you only see the car zip by for a fraction of a second every couple of minutes. I ‘ve never been to a nascar event but I’m sure its similar. The atmosphere and party were great but you have to be a real mental midget to watch this stuff.


  13. joshdad says:

    If you are talking about just spectating, than I think there are many sports that could claim to be “the best”, but if you are talking about spectating as being something more than I would have to go with College Football.
    I don’t think any other sport has the ability of transferring the average Joe into a die-hard supporter more than College Football.
    Sure every sport has it’s home town fans, many of which can really get into the whole spirit of the game, but I think College Football is the one sport that exceeds all others in it’s ability to transform a whole town or city into a group of raving lunatics, who live, breath, bleed and die for there local team.
    College football doesn’t just encourage tail-gate parties like other sports, rather, it encourages week long banquets and barbecues where food and drink flow freely, and the participants revel in the glow of their beloved team. When a game takes on a special meaning, such as a classic between two great rivals, the atmosphere somehow manages to escalate into an even higher level of participation, and the game replaces all other topics of discussion for the week.
    The passion of college football is unmatched by any other sport, and having the privilege of being a spectator in such an event is a great thing indeed.

  14. Sal your Pal says:

    I would have to say soccer, because the bal can be unpredictably out of control at times. You could just turn away for a second and look back and a world of change could have happened. Plus the world cup is fun because everyone gets into it like they are fighting for there life.

    Also, the fans are probably more entertaining.
    My girlfriends mom freaked out when holland lost against Spain. She ripped down her flag and freaked out. That was scary but also entertaining in itself.

    Hamilton ON, Canada

  15. joshdad says:

    Oops, forgot to add my name and hometown

    Mark W., Owensboro, KY

  16. Jagsrock95 says:

    College football is the best spectator sport by far. There is nothing nothing like it. As a student at The Ohio state university I gotta say that being in the horseshoe on a Saturday night is one of the most amazing experiences you can have. From the minute the team steps on the field the stadium is rocking students are jumping around and not one person in the stadium is thinking about anything but buckeye football at that moment. Being at the game just makes every thing better, every big hit, every huge play, and bad call or 3rd down is amplified. Not to mention half time is awesome to with the marching bands. And after the game win of loose singing the alma mater will send chills down your spine and perhaps a tear to your eye. The whole experience just can’t be topped. I remember coming home late every Saturday night with almost no voice from all the screaming. College football is definitely a sport for the fans.

  17. Jagsrock95 says:

    I forgot to put my location
    Anand from Columbus, ohio

  18. James says:

    Ice Hockey because its so fast paced with pucks being shot at speeds up to almost 200mph and the players are big and fast most are at least 6 feet and the action is faster than anything else and it also has fights and huge hits that can give people conussion, its the roughest toughest fastest leauge to be in and that makes it extremly exciting to watch.

    Surrey BC, Canada

  19. 647 says:

    The greatest sport has to be

    the one that includes the best athletes, requires the most skill in choosing plays, and rakes in the most prominent television contract of all. The game that fulfills all these criteria is American football.

    Football draws from the largest base of athletes, which means the best players come to the sport. In basketball, if a player is not 6-foot-6, they are immediately discredited. For hockey, a competitor would have to live in a typically cold environment to have exposure to a prevalent number of ice rinks. To succeed in baseball, one needs to be from a certain market, preferably Latin America or the American Southeast in order to be recruited. They also have to be able to afford sufficient training to hurl a 90-mph heater. Football takes any athlete and gives them a specific role on the field to succeed.

    Football depends on substantial amounts of speed, strength and intelligence. Lawrence Taylor revolutionized the sport from the defensive end position by ripping past offensive lines with his tenacity. A decade later, the NFL countered by finding the best athletes for left tackle, which is now the second-highest paid position in the sport. These gargantuan men who play on the offensive and defensive lines are superb athletes who would be without work in any other sport besides the ridiculous Strongest Man competitions on late-night ESPN. Every minute of action involves a battle of the titans between these groups of men that is never without intensity or suspense.

    Ask any rookie player who has had to transition from the college football world to the NFL and he will tell you the most difficult thing is learning the playbook. Head coaches spend decades attempting to compile playbooks that encompass every perfectly undetectable play for every possible situation in a game. Every football play that is initiated requires exact positioning and precision from every player on the field, which means there is little room for error. This room for error is exemplified in the number of NFL head coaches who are fired after every season. Just last year, fifteen coaching changes were made in the NFL.

    The NFL is also important because it is America’s sport. Every Sunday, the world stops and tunes into their local team to see them try to demolish hated rivals. CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC pay the NFL $20.4 billion to obtain rights to broadcast these football contests, which is the highest of any sport in the world. Because it garners the most lucrative television deal, football is the most watched sport in the sporting Mecca that is America, thereby setting it amongst the best.

    When taking into consideration the great number of athletes that flock towards the game of football, the high stress position of calling intricate plays from the head coaching position, and the number of people who enjoy watching the game, it is obvious that American football is the greatest sport in the world.

    Peter Maris
    Fair Haven,NJ

  20. ishmoo21 says:

    I say live hockey for all the fights and die hard fans.

    Royersford, PA

  21. tony says:

    for me as a mexican the best sport to watch its soccer or as we call it futbol because theres alot of passion in it and its very rewarding when your team scores a goal since theres not many of them like in other sports so when they finally score it makes you jump and get all excited.

    el paso texas

  22. rdaneel72 says:

    Hong Kong Phooey Ball!

    A slight riff on softball/kickball, played with the same rules. The important factor was the ball. It was the kind of cheap, colorful kickball you can find stacked in huge wire bins in any discount store (NOT the public school issued red, rubber kickball with the distinctive bounce). This particular ball had spent many years forgotten under our back deck, where it soaked in the moisture and mud of a decade of NJ summers, until it became warped and oblong. Upon its re-emergence from under the deck (thanks to my adventurous dog), its bizarre shape made high-speed trajectories unpredictable, especially when hit with an aluminum tee-ball bat.

    Also, the ball was yellow and emblazoned with the faded graphics of Hanna-Barbera cartoon hero, Hong Kong Phooey, hence the name.

    The game was played like softball. The HKP ball was pitched to the batter, who hit the ball and ran the bases. But, the unpredictable trajectories of the HKP ball made every hit exciting. Runners could be pelted with the ball between bases (as in kickball) but, again, letting the HKP ball fly was a dangerous gamble. It was light, and severly warped, so even a modest amount of force could send it sailing off in an unforeseen direction.

    Tragically, after only two short seasons, our beloved Hong Kong Phooey Ball was destroyed by the same dog who had first discovered this golden treasure. Though we tried, we could not replicate the unique properties of the Hong Kong Phooey Ball with another ball, and the sport was sadly disbanded. And the world lost one more ittle treasure.

    But, fond memories remain. It was a Eureka moment, discovering the properties of that filthy, warped ball, and crafting our own sport around it. When I get together with my childhood friends and my brothers and my friends’ brothers, I need only chant, “Hong Kong Phooey,” to elicit the response of, “Number One Super Guy.” It is a shared experience among the kids who grew up on our little, suburban street, and a memory of a moment of pure genius.

    Albuquerque, NM (by way of NJ)

  23. XCWarrior says:

    Baseball is a blast to watch in person. It is the only sport where a lot can happen at any given time, but you always know where to be focused on every pitch. Will it be a hit and run? How about a double steal? Bare handed double play? Home run from an 0-2 count? Every pitch is going to bring something different to the table.

    In contast, football is 5-7 of action, 30 seconds of sit and wait. Hockey is a lot fun to watch live, especially for the fights, but it’s sometimes hard to keep track of the puck. Basketball only needs to be one 15-minute quarter, because the first three are spent going back and forth and 7 times out of 10, the game is still within reach in the start of the fourth quarter. Soccer is soccer…. how anyone can watch a game that has 90 minutes with potentially no goals and settling for a tie is absurd.

    Other plus to baseball over all the sports? No time limit. I watched a team down 8 runs in the ninth inning come back to win the game once. You can’t top excitement like that. Had there been only 30 seconds left or whatever, that wasn’t going to happen. Until the last out is made, anything can happen in baseball.

    Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

  24. harrypfan269 says:

    I think the best sport to watch would have to be hockey, there`s just so much going on all the time and it`s really hard to get bored while watching it. With other sports, like soccer and football, the playing field is much bigger so the action is really spread out. But with hockey, all the actions right there for you to see. There are always huge upsets and big comebacks even when it seems all hope is lost. And when it goes to overtime and a shootout, man, thats so intense! So hockey is the best spectator sport.

  25. harrypfan269 says:

    sorry, forgot to leave name and town
    Port Coquitlam, BC

  26. Zeruda says:

    StarCraft and/or StarCraft 2.


    Have you ever watched professional tournaments? GomTV streams live Korean tournaments every couple of days. Check it out. The games are intense. The players are set up in separate sound-proof booths. The crowd really gets into it just like any real-life sport. Tears are shed both for victory and for loss. Games are won or lost inside of 3 minutes a lot of the time. What other sport mentioned is as fast-paced? With as much non-stop action? That takes so much precision? So much training time (8+ hours a day)?

    And truly, it creates such a spectacle, so very entertaining.

    PS – How has no one mentioned this yet?
    PPS – Kansas City, MO.

  27. Mr. McSquirtz says:

    The best sport to watch is the highly competitive, non-stop thrill ride that is a Smash Bros Brawl competition! Because yeah, Smash Bros has all the makings of a legitimate sport. Skill, luck, the need for tiger blood.

    (Everybody else: Yeah, Mr McSquirtz totally gave the best answer)

    -John I
    Swedesboro, NJ

  28. mike says:

    cock fighting. nuff said.


    buffalo, ny

  29. griff says:

    The best spectator sport in the world has to be Oxygen-Free Door fencing. Door fencing’s most famous combatants are David Carradine and Michael Hutchense. Spectacular competitors and a joy to watch…

  30. Hugo Cabrera says:

    All you need is ..well a city with a bunch of junk to jump off of. Also it is so impressive to see these young guys do what they do with out equipment its all their own abilities and creativity is limetless, not to mention from a spectator’s perspective how amazing is it to see guys run and jump liek real life super heroes (or video games) and with the possibility of a real bad injury, because isn’t that why all love sports to see others do what we can’t and amaze us with a possible outcome of getting hurt in the process to truimph to be the best..that what sports are all about. EXTREME WALKING NO DOUBT…JUST CUZ IT AINT BIG DONT KNOCK IT!

    Hugo, Los Angeles CA

  31. BlueRocks says:

    Baseball? As the great Homer Simpson once said, without beer it is sooooo boring.

    American Football? Without betting, would anyone watch the games? With scores of 3-2 in the third quarter (defense!) I’ll pass.

    Basketball? Great game if you skip the first 58 minutes. Everyone knows that nothing hapens until the last two.

    College sports? Try harder and you might get good enough to play in the big leagues. Probably not though.

    The greatest spectator sport has to have non-stop action. Not a sport when ther player can put his hand up to stop the play if he is not ready yet. Then step back and scratch himself; repeatedly.

    The greatest sport has to be in tight quarters. You can run around in soccer for hours without running into anybody. Non-stop action requires tight playing fields.

    The greatest sport has to have fighting. Not with heavily padded hands (boxing) or even lightly padded hands (MMA). Bare fisted all-out brawling. With no slapping (yes, I am looking at you basketball). There is only one sport that allows two men to stand toe-to-toe and wail on each other till one goes down, then let them come back 10 minutes later and do it again.

    And that sport is the greatest spectator sport of all-time. HOCKEY.

    And I didn’t even get into the skill, speed, intelligence, toughness, octopi, and so much more.

    Hockey. If you can’t join it, get beaten.

    Ottawa, ON Canada

  32. yegman says:

    The best sport to watch is basketball. Esp. when I am watching my daughter’s team play. It gets your heart pumping adreniln flowing. I love coaching her team too. That makes the game go by even faster.

    Rocklin, CA

  33. Matty383 says:

    I believe the best sport to watch and play has to be soccer. Soccer is worldwide and everyone plays it. There are so many great teams out there and when they come together in the world cup you know its going to be one crazy ride because you never know what is going to happen. Ive been playing soccer my whole life and hopefully will be playing and watching til I die ?

    Matthew-San Diego

  34. andrepd says:

    Starcraft 2. Designed from the start as _the_ spectator sport*, it surpassed the immensely popular CounterStrike as the world’s #1 e-sport. It has it all, emotion, suspense, joy, despair and gory death animations. Not convinced? I wasn’t either, until I watched this:

    Consider me impressed…

    Coimbra, Portugal


  35. Hrothgarfunkel says:

    watching 4 people play new super mario bros wii is the best spectator sport I have watched in a while!

  36. Kyle in Canada says:

    Best spectator sport is hands down professional wrestling…no other spectator sport can elicit the full range of emotions from an audience in one event: anger, joy, excitement, fear, laughter, hatred, you name it. And since it always changes from one match to the next, you never get tired of seeing the same thing, because if you aren’t enjoying one segment of the event, a new one starts up shortly thereafter and you can run the range of emotions all over again.

    Kyle – Kingsville, Ontario Canada

  37. nano says:

    The best sport to watch hands down is the annual pig racing contest at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. You have to wait in line to hopefully get a glimpse of those chubby little pick bastards running around the track. The kids love it and in all honesty it is one of the highlights to my rodeo day. If you ever get the chance find one, sit back, and watch with joy because that my friends is something you can write home about.

    San Antonio, TX

  38. Mitchell says:

    Best spectator sport is inner-city hobo boxing.


  39. wii dvd says:

    Women’s beach volleyball, no reason just a random choice

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