God of Golf games: Mario Golf Advance Tour

[youtube][/youtube] Not only is Advance Tour’s core gameplay the best game of golf, the story mode is all sorts of RPG awesome. It’s also the epitome of “just one more time” when attempting level up challenges. I can’t put this game down. If you haven’t already, get that.

Give-away: Name the best spectator sport of all time, win Mario Sports Mix for Wii

Here’s how it works: Answer this question in the comments below: What’s the greatest, most exciting, and/or best sport to watch and why? State your name and town. The person with the best answer will be announced on next week’s episode of Infendo Radio. Good luck, sports racers!

Mario Sports Mix ready to set and serve on February 7th

Developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo, Mario Sports Mix will debut on Wii this coming February 7th. The game will give players the opportunity to play basketball, hockey, volleyball, and dodge ball with all of your favorite Mario characters. You can compete as your Mii character, play local multiplayer with up to four people, and even online multiplayer with 2 vs 2 players (like Mari...

Boomshakalaka! NBA Jam coming Oct. 5 to Wii

[youtube][/youtube] Just announced by EA. Ho-hum box art after the jump.

Off-topic: Who’s excited for the World Cup?

WARNING: This post has nothing to do with Nintendo, let alone video games. Proceed with caution. Is anyone else stressing about how they’re gonna shirk work over the next month to watch as many World Cup games as possible? I am. I’ve got World Cup fever bad this year, and I know my video game intake is going to suffer as a result. I’m sure my livelihood will too. So is anyone els...

A sporting chance: These “two-button” controls are a breath of fresh air

[youtube][/youtube] The Official World Cup game debuted on Wii and whatnot today, and I totally have World Cup fever. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to applaud EA Sports for simplifying the traditional controls, while still making them dynamic enough for skilled players. Having played both ways, I now prefer this sim...

Quick NBA Jam footage teases Wii owners

[youtube][/youtube] I can see the Boomshakalaka getting old fast, but those graphics won’t.

Popular game blog likes first-person golf in Tiger 11

Why didn’t anyone tell me this? Fresh off last year’s excellent Tiger 10 with Wii Motion Plus, EA this year will release a “first-person” golf mode in the new Tiger 11. Dubbed “True View,” the side mode lets Wii owners see things as if they were Tiger. Er, I’m mean Rory McIlroy. In any case, Kotaku praised the mode in a preview published today. “I do...


Any pointers on how to beat that annoying, cheating “champion” girl in Wii Sports Resort table tennis? My neighbors are starting to complain about all the stomping and swearing emanating from my apartment at all hours of the day and night.