A sporting chance: These “two-button” controls are a breath of fresh air


The Official World Cup game debuted on Wii and whatnot today, and I totally have World Cup fever. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to applaud EA Sports for simplifying the traditional controls, while still making them dynamic enough for skilled players.

Having played both ways, I now prefer this simplified and smarter way of playing, this coming from someone who has played FIFA games for a long time. Not only do the new two-button controls remove menial (and non-fun) tasks like switching players, it makes it seem like I’m more awesome than I really am, while still maintaining my sense of control.

Good stuff. Great game of soccer.


  1. This is the same as Super Mario Strikers controls. (Not Charged, just the one on the GameCube)

  2. Uh, isn’t that four-button control? I guess the shoulder buttons are optional.

  3. Well, they’re lying a little bit. It’s actually 4 buttons and a control stick, but I’ll give it to them: that control option is better than the convoluted “pin point accuracy” from the regular option.

  4. “It makes it seem like I’m more awesome than I really am, while still maintaining my sense of control.”

    That’s the ultimate goal of good video game design; one of the greatest compliments that can be said of a game’s design. Good designers always keep this mantra in mind, remembering that their goal is to entertain, not to frustrate or insult.

  5. i agree that sports controls can be ridiculously intricate and some simplification is a good idea….

    i counted 6 buttons here. x,y, l1,l2,r2,r2

    the misnomer is only notable because it’s so obvious and i wonder if i’ll really think 6 buttons is so much easier.

    that said, i’d love to see a real two button control come back- maybe an arcade mode.

    anybody else remember world cup soccer on the nes? with the river city ransom characters?
    LOVED IT. the super kicks were crrrazy and it was just too much fun. and it was truly two buttons. 🙂

  6. from my post at GameonNintendo…

    I can only see a blank white spot where the video/pic should be but I probably wouldn’t view it anyways.

    This is the exact reason I don’t want to play a game like this. I don’t need it dumbed down for me. I want ‘crazy motion movements’. I want to be standing in my living room with wiimote and nunchuk in hand. I want to use the nunchuk to control where my player runs (with the joystick thingy) and I want the motion plus to register when and how hard I kick at the ball. I think arm movements can be interpreted to plot out leg movements. There must be some scientific basis for the position of the arms with the force and direction of a kick.. Something.

    I should also be able to head the ball (arms to the side and jumping up) or taking the ball of the chest (arms straight and behind the lower back). Basically what you would normally do when kicking, heading, or accepting the ball.

    The game wouldn’t be an overexertion as I wouldn’t be actually running, but the act of receiving a pass from Pele before depositing it in the back of the goal for the All-World All-Time Football championship would be something great.

    Not just pushing (less) buttons.