Sid Meier’s Pirates coming to Wii, says ESRB

Ahoy, Nintendans! We’re here for your booty!

3 Responses to Sid Meier’s Pirates coming to Wii, says ESRB

  1. babble says:

    Great game!

    I’m hoping it’s not just a direct port, since, like lot’s of us, I played it all before last generation… And the one before! But that, just shows my age. ; )

    Again great game, great news, just hoping to have something new included to make me want to go back.


  2. deepthought says:

    thats a wicked fun and addicting game.

    when i first played it i stayed up all night until i’d played through twice. been meaning to give it another go sometime….

  3. John H. says:

    It’s an awesome game. Nice to see something really interesting coming to the Wii from a company other than Nintendo.

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