So long Wii Speak, we hardly knew ye

Surprise! After dismal support, Nintendo quietly discontinues Wii Speak, reports 1up. An estimated 13 users are now storming Nintendo headquarters in outrage.


  1. How can they “discontinue” something that was barely used and supported really is beyond me…

  2. actually got one of thems like 2 or 3 years ogo. never used not kidding never

  3. that really stinks that they did not utilize it or make any effort to make it usable. i did use it on animal crossing and the conduit and it was horrible to use but i would have like them to make some attempt to better the situation. just like nintendo to release something and then move on to something else. i personally will give any of their new products at least a year before i move on it.

  4. What is that thing?

  5. Shame really. It came with my animal crossing and I was really waiting to put it to good use with something that they were going to release, but I guess not now. It will stay on my shelf.

  6. I have one hooked up to my Wii but only used it like once.

  7. Thats a shame, I use Wii Speak and it works very well.

  8. I use it for Monster Hunter Tri, and for what its worth, its not being discontinued, Nintendo announced today.

  9. Yeah, like XCWarrior says, it ain’t discontinued:

  10. And for the record, I use my WiiSpeak often.
    Especially nowadays with Mix SuperStar (trap it in a Bose headphones and it records computer audio beautifully).

  11. Kinda wish Nintendo just released a regular headset as well as I don’t necessarily want others to hear entire discussions that might be offensive.

  12. It would have been perfect with online Mario Kart Wii. Such a missed opportunity.

  13. I got mine for $10 at a thrift store. 😛

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