What do you think of PlayStation Move, Sony’s answer to Wii?


Sony yesterday fully unveiled its response to the market-share stealing Wii. Dubbed PlayStation Move, the depth-sensing remote connects with the PlayStation Eye camera and promises better precision when compared to Wii. A single controller and camera will be bundled for under $100 and sold separately. That is, PlayStation Move is optional for the some 33 million PS3 owners in the world, whereas the 69 million Wii households come standard with motion.

So what do you think about the move, the Move, and how it will fare against Wii?


  1. It’s every wii owners dream. Motion and HD!!!!!!!! Seirously though, I’m a bit skeptical because its just an add on. Additionally, if they are trying to break into the wii market, it will cost the consumer $200-300 more than the price of the wii when you consider the cost of the console and the price of Move added together. Should be a fun battle to watch.

  2. Other than it being a complete rip off I wasnt very impressed with what they showed, but E3 is around the corner Im sure Sony will have more to show. People already owning both the Wii and PS3 for the most part are gonna pass on it for the simple fact the pretty much already have it in the Wii. But its good for the 1 system owners out there that havent really jumped on the motion controller bandwagon yet. Pricing is a little high but affordable. To sum it all up it is a good add on but Its not gonna have the success of the Wii.

  3. First impression: underwhelmed.

    I didn’t see anything that the Wii isn’t already doing. It looks like they are going for the ‘Wii/Family crowd’ (and they said as much at the conference) and I don’t see how a gritty boxing game is going to do that.

    I also think that not including it with every PS3 purchased is a big mistake. They mentioned a bundle that comes with a PS3 as well, but that would probably run $350 vs. $200 Wii (and the Wii has already established itself as the ‘family/motion control’ console this generation). Sorry, Sony, too little too late.

  4. I like it. If Capcom really does add good support to RE5 then I’m there. Hopefully after that more games will start to support it or patch support into it.

  5. Depends on software support. What I saw there wasn’t particularly impressive verses some of the games on the Wii, but it has the potential.

    I think it’s an interesting choice to require two full size move controllers for archery and other games, rather than a nunchuk like add-on. Sounds like some games will pretty expensive.

    Unless that IS a nunchuk like add on, but it just holds the same form factor.

  6. Also I can see more 3rd party to support the PS3 version if it takes off. Thats a big IF. Just because Sony likes to throw money at developers for exclusives.

  7. To be honest, it looks better then the WM+, and at this point, the PS3 looks like my next console. I’m saying that the PSMove will be a Wii killer though, because $400 motion from Sony still won’t beat $180 motion from Nintendo.

  8. nothing that we haven’t seen from the wii… but you have to consider that this is Sony, they have HD they will have 3D, they have ONLINE (and don’t be a fan boy, nintendo’s online services are worse than the dreamcast’s), they have Blue-ray….. Basically it seems to me like if Sony arrived at the nintendo shore and made it his, nintendo has to move on to something else if it wants to be competitive.

  9. @DBBGBA – but nintendo has the games…

  10. “(and don’t be a fan boy, nintendo’s online services are worse than the dreamcast’s)”

    Pot, kettle.

    On a serious note, my only impression about Sony’s Move is that it better have more than the tech demo they were showing when this controller launches. The tech has a ton of potential, but a mediocre (at best) Wii Sports ripoff this late in the game isn’t impressing anyone.

  11. I honestly don’t think it’ll do well. Because we’ve seen what happens when you use motion controls, on the Wii and with the Sixaxis controller. My biggest beef is that the “hardcore” gamers on PS3 and Xbox bash Wii motion controls, and when Sony and M$ make motion/alternative control schemes, they become the best thing ever, when, in fact, they’re the same thing, but less original.

  12. If I were to start from scratch (I own both a 360 and a Wii), I would definitely go with the PS3 with Move now…

    Like the Sony ads say, there is nothing the PS3 can’t do now. So, for me, it’s probably going to be PS3 all the way on 2011…

    Bye, bye, Wii and 360, you did show me a good time, but it’s the second decade of the 21st Century now!!

  13. Meh…

    -It’s a direct “answer” (and I use that loosely) to the Wii. It’s not a game-changer; Nintendo already did that.

    -It’s an add-on, meaning that it’s not REQUIRED. Devs will hold off (unless given tons of money from Sony) to see what the consumer reaction will be. Most likely, it will be “here’s our new game, and oh, if you have Move, you can use that too, I guess… whatever.”

    -“OMG I’M SWINGING AROUND A REALLY FRIKKIN BRIGHT FLASHLIGHT WTFBBQ!!11!!” Really, Sony? A frikkin huge glowing ball? I already get annoyed with a little blue LED shining off the Wiimote at night, let alone a unidirectional MagLite.

    -“The Sweet Spot”. Apparently, there’s a “sweet spot” in which users will need to position themselves in order for the system to see them properly. It sounds like the days of hanging on the couch and playing SOCOM are out. So, I’m going to have to be in the same spot every time I play it so that it can see me?? No thanks.

    -Sony, and in some aspects Microsoft, are pussy-footing changing the system. If they really believed in this new stuff (Move and Natal, respectively), they’d make it their new system and put full support behind it. Instead, they’re trying to jump on the new wave that Nintendo already created 4 years ago, and with only a “well, we’ll see how it goes” mentality at that.

    -I predict a lot of Wii ports to PS3; which is hugely ironic compared to previous years. Amazing what happens when you stick to your guns and just do what you want to do, instead of worrying about what everyone else says.

  14. Ouch… It took them 3 years to copy and to come to market with this?


  15. Considering that I bought the PS3 slim only because I knew this was coming down the road, I’m obviously quite happy with it. Now admittedly, what they are showing off right now is basically the Wii controller with some enhanced precision, but the fact is this technology also puts the PlayStation eye in a helluva allot more households meaning developers have a goldmine of potential to exploit here.

    The fact that right out of the flood gates will be a game that uses two of the glowing orb controllers for one person is also very encouraging as it removes the seemingly hardwired “Wiimote + Nunchuck” mentality used on the Wii for games that would benifit from the “Wiimote + Wiimote” control.

  16. That ad looks just like all of the Wii ads.

    However, my question is this: If Wii came out with HD Wii, would we say they’re coping out PS3? Just because Wii was the first to do motion doesn’t mean the move wasn’t inevitable.

  17. motion controls do little for me so i cant imagine i’ll care until they get fps controls right. though it could be good for rts, esp if it’s 1:1. i wonder if that could ever be more comfortable than using a mouse and keyboard.

    as for imitating sports, i definitely dont care much.

    and as for the wii audience, i dont think that most of them would care for the switch. theyre generally not all particular about having hd and whatnot.

    what i do wonder about is how much current sony fans will care.

  18. One PS port from the Wii has already been announced.

    I am amused at the efforts Sony and M$ are making to copy Nintendo but I don’t think they will pay off.

    If a big budget ‘core’ game on the PS3/xBox360 already costs $50 million to make, then how much more will it cost to add in the PS waggle?

    Will it be cheaper for third parties to make ‘casual’ games on the PS3 than on the Wii? I wouldn’t think so. And with an installed base of 69million (?) Wiimote users compared to the installed base of add-on purchasers for the PS3 (50% of the current PS3 install base???), would it make sense?

    I would think that the third parties will put out their initial efforts as they promised to Sony (in exchange for $$$?) then that might be it.

    Unless Sony has a killer app planned for the wand, ummm, arc, noooo, MOVE, then I can’t see it taking off.

    I’ll expect better things for Sony when it becomes part of their next console instead of an optional toy for their customers who have money to spare and like to be the first to try out new hardware.

  19. From Halopend: “[…] it removes the seemingly hardwired “Wiimote + Nunchuck” mentality used on the Wii for games that would benifit from the “Wiimote + Wiimote” control.”

    I’m also wondering why we didn’t see more Wii games with a 2 Wiimotes setup? From memory the only game that supported this was House of the Dead: Overkill, once you unlocked the feature… Great game!

    From Stan: “[…] If Wii came out with HD Wii, would we say they’re coping out PS3? Just because Wii was the first to do motion doesn’t mean the move wasn’t inevitable.”

    Haha, nice!

  20. Looks OK, nothing NEW , but still OK. If I had a ps3 I would be much more interested.
    Now, lets see what X-box 360 and Natal has to offer to the motion mix.
    I dont use my Wii very often anymore, and with the current HD gen consoles jumping on the motion band wagon, I may play the Wii even less now….

  21. As a product to sell and make money, this is already a failure.

    As a topic for endless debate within the gamersphere, this is pure gold. Already, we are seeing Joystiq and other industry mouths cautiously optimistic about Move Wii waggle was a stupid fad for non-gamers, but PSMove is an advanced technological juggernaut that intensifies immersion. Move (and Natal) will be heralded as eclipsing Wii, and bringing real motion-control to the HD generation.

    Wii was NEVER about the motion-control. BETTER motion-control is not going to be a factor for anyone. The hardcore don’t want it. The Wii owners don’t want it. Who wants it? Sony’s share-holders, maybe?

  22. “motion controls do little for me so i cant imagine i’ll care until they get fps controls right. though it could be good for rts, esp if it’s 1:1. i wonder if that could ever be more comfortable than using a mouse and keyboard.

    as for imitating sports, i definitely dont care much.

    and as for the wii audience, i dont think that most of them would care for the switch. theyre generally not all particular about having hd and whatnot.

    what i do wonder about is how much current sony fans will care.”

    I totally agree! … Did the sky just fall?

  23. I still don’t get it why people think this is superior to the Wiimote with MotionPlus. The “sub-controller” has no accelerometer. Their “remote” has no speaker, and AFAIK no gyroscope either. What is it that this controller can do that the Wiimote can’t?

    While the PS3 is certainly more capable than the Wii for its greater processing power, I don’t think this controller is the same as the Wiimote, let alone better.

  24. hey who knows maybe sony’s version of the motion controller will work and it will be a hit, but that still doesn’t matter to me (i own both a ps3 and wii) they still won’t have mario, zelda, metriod and all the other nintendo franschises that i’ve grown to love. it’s an answer to a 4 year old problem for sony, but a little too late for me to invest in. i’ll keep my motion controls on the wii and my psuedo real life killing/racing games for my ps3.

  25. Stupid.

  26. What are the three things that Move needs to be successful and and real competitor to the Wii?

    1) Software
    2) Software
    3) Software

    And not just any software, KILLER software. I don’t think people are going to want to buy another mini game compilation or basic sports title. These people already have Wiis for that. Sony needs to sell this with something AMAZING, and cannot let this one go out to die like the original PS Eye if they want it to survive and compete.

    Fancy cameras and accelerometer doodads mean nothing if there isn’t something to play it on. And if they’re 4 years behind already, they had better have something spectacular.

  27. looks wicked!!!

    though the video was just like the wii sports resort, and the controller looks hilarious, though I like the light changes colours.

    makes me want ps3 more.

    though I dno how it’ll do to the wiu. it is better, but think it’s to late.

    intresting to see if my mates with ps3s will get it…

  28. I don’t think it will broaden the video game market any bigger than it now is. Families already owning a Wii for playing together certainly won’t spend another 400 to get a similar experience.

  29. Not gonna say much other than. If it weren’t for the likes of Mario, Zelda and Metroid; my PS3 would make my wii completely redundant.
    The Move can’t sense pointing, but it can sense 3d space a LOT better than wii, and it can also sense other movements you make with your body using the camera, without the need to strap the controller to your leg so you can kick (EA Fit)

  30. no questions asked. the wii is still better.

  31. Actually, it looks expensive.

    To move controllers to do a sword and shield? If they cost $50, that’s $100 to get the controllers to play a game you don’t have the software for yet.

  32. As to the HD aspect, I could care less! I’ll take better storyline over better graphics. I think this will fail on price alone! Lets look at the facts. 300+ for the system, $50 (or more) per controller. And some games need 2 controllers, as shown, so we’re up to 400+… then it’s $60 for the game… and if it’s two player, it’ll be $200 for all the controllers, it’ll wind up being probably $600 or more for just a “basic” package, as compared to around $500 for about 2 people and a handful of games for the Wii. I still think the Wii will win out, but there really could be more motionplus games…… and the “wand” for the ps3 looks way more cumbersome than the wii remote. But Nintendo will probably snap back with a series of two Wii remote/motionplus games. Naw, if anything it’ll only hurt sony.

  33. RIPPOFF of the wii, did anyone else notice for the most part it looked almost identical to advertisements of the Wii, and Wii-Sports Resort…

    OK I like the new moving and all that stuff when playing videogames, but I don’t wanna do that much!!!!

    2nd of all, I wouldn’t want HD Games, I find the better the graphics the less original the game is, and the worse the game becomes (bit-trip series, 8Bit and amazing, )

  34. I seen one of the speeches on this and i swear it seem like the same speech gave when they said that the revolution/wii was coming out it will revolutionise the way you play game blah blah blah. I swear that is almost the same speach i may be wrong tho and also from what i saw there was an expert playing a game on stage and he kept screwing up over and over again on some moves on the move anyways i say that they have surrender and said nintendo is right without speaking a word they waved the white flag. and when the wii goes hd most of everybody is going to have an hd tv then because they are getting cheaper I just bought one and thought it wasn’t going to make a difference with the cord but i bought it and surprisingly nintendo actually is doing pretty good with the hd component 480p cable it enhanced it beautifully so right now 480p is close enough to hd for many wii players out there and to all who saids the wii graphics suck try zelda twilight princess and mario galaxy.

  35. Gameboy beat Game Gear. (no offense, Sega)

    Wii will beat Sony’s PowerGlove, Move.

    1. An already hard to program for cell-based system will have a 2nd layer of development challenge learning to code for Move. Therefore less software support, quantity and quality.

    2. Move and Natal will be splitting the market against each other, so Move will struggle to settle for 2nd place.

    3. If PS3 is a “core-gamer” system, then it might not be too accepted by their own fans to begin with. Eyetoy didn’t take off, afterall.

    4. Sub-controller doesn’t “move”. It’ll be more expensive to go motion boxing having to buy a 2nd Move controller, and the recession doesn’t help.

    The Move does have the camera advantage. But then what’s to stop N from making their own? Or using UbiSoft’s Wii cam?

    One good thing to come out of this for Wii owners is that the competition will pressure Wii dev’s to make better games with more MotionPlus support, and those dev’s will have more confidence/publisher financing b/c of the greatly higher user install base.

  36. I can see why they would think this is a good idea, but come on. They literally have nothing besides HD that the Wii doesn’t already offer. The video and the idea underwhelm since I’ve had my Wii for 3 and half years.

  37. In my opinion, the market that they are trying to hit could have worked 4 years ago before Nintendo came out with the Wii. The people in this particular market “in my opinion” don’t care for graphics or horse powered HD. Lol! Nintendo is the best at making games. Games is the industry. This from Sony stand point is actually very smart but, only a start. It’s like the fight against Microsoft in the world of computers for a not so successful Operating system.

    PS. In all honesty the other systems have always sucked success from the one prior. The balance weighs in who is out the gate first almost always (graphics,control,sound, etc).

  38. It may be a bit of a rip off of the Wii, but we must remember that it the PS2 had the EyeToy, so the PS3 having Move only makes sense as the next step.

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