Wii Mini Confirmed For Dec. 7 Release


It’s a rumour no longer! The Wii Mini will be released on December 7, will cost $100 and surprisingly, it’s currently only available in Canada. This diminuitive model of the Wii does not have any GameCube support at all, including no GameCube controller ports. Alongside that, the Wii Mini does not have internet access. If it does make it’s way south of the 49th Parallel, would you consider picking it up for yourself or someone else?

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  1. This is a very odd (Sony type) of move. Why shrink a tired system? Nintendo should have milked more games out of the Wii instead of doing this. How about some of those japanese imports that we didn’t get? No? Here, have a baby Wii
    when the only thing people care about now is the Wii U.

    You can find the original Wii for very cheap now. $100 for baby Wii is too much. I’m thinking more like $69-$79. Either way, I don’t see this selling well.

  2. This is interesting timing.

  3. Interesting move. My guess is Nintendo stopped manufacturing regular the regular no GC-BC Wii two months ago and moved production to the smaller one thus increasing their per-system profit, in one last effort to have this launch on Canada an then roll it out to the rest of the world for one last Wii year. Lets not forget the appeal of “Only $99.99!” in the mind of the consumer.

    I see this one hitting $79.99 for Holiday 2013.

  4. …WHY?

  5. I would actually consider it.

    1) I collect consoles and games (this would be console/handheld #40)

    2) I like the design

    3) The look seems a bit more durable to me, so taking it to friends/ relatives, especially during the holidays would be worry free.

  6. I mean, it’s not a bad idea…just think they could have did much more to it.

  7. OMG Why Nintendo? Why? What is the point of releasing this?? This is so Stupid. I can see the point of no Gamecube support but no Internet access?? 🙂 LOL, wow Nintendo, wow. This feels like an April Fools joke. We have the Wii U now. which I hear the Miiverse is very impressive and is WAY better than anything on Wii. Is Nintendo trying to say the Wii was a flop adn did not sell well? The wii waw the best selling system for quite a while. I just don’t understand Nintendo anymore. This is just goign to further confuse the market.

  8. For those asking “why”, the Wii U sold 400,000 units from launch through Black Friday (most were at launch). During the same time frame, the Wii sold 300,000 units. DS/3DS sold near 500,000 units. So, it appears as though there is still a strong market for the Wii (and DS). This slimmed down and less expensive Wii ($99.99) will fly off of the shelves.

  9. Essel, those numbers are from the launch of those consoles, not the same week.

  10. @Matthew C:
    Mini PlayStation with the screen
    Game Boy Micro
    This isn’t a first, and all of those are well received. Plus, the PS2SLIM had no modem and required ethernet to go online, which I know nobody that even had anymore at the time. There isn’t a big deal wrong with the Wii Mini.

  11. This is very stupid of Nintendo! 🙁

  12. You’re all so dense. What’s the use in complaining about it? It’s obviously not geared towards you. As to why? For money! This thing probably costs $25 to make.

    @Wakko1337: No, they’re not. Those are sales numbers from last week. Nintendo sold about 1.2 million units of Wii U/Wii/3DS/DS total. It was Black Friday, remember.

  13. I might not get one, considering I have the original GC compatible Wii AND the Wii U now, but I find it a good idea. I know plenty of people who had only recently got the Wii because the lower price, and this would be a nice cheap console for lower income families or frugal casual gamers for the holidays. I also REALLY like the physical design of the console. Looks very “retro Nintendo” themed. 😀

  14. No wifi = no buy. Sure, take the GameCube stuff out, but all the connectivity? That’s a stupid move.

  15. I hope this doesn’t mean that they will discontinue online Wii services like the Wii Shop Channel and Everyone Votes Channel …

    If there’s no more online Wii services, then it makes sense to put out a Wii that can’t connect to the internet.


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