WiiWare version of And Yet It Moves surpasses the PC version


And Yet It Moves came out for the PC a while ago. I played a demo of it and found the game to have incredible artwork and a fun control mechanism. The recently released WiiWare version of the game is easily the definitive edition, with greater control of your character and through use of Nintendo’s awesome Wii controllers.

Your character runs through levels, trying to reach the end. To maneuver, you can control your directions left and right with the D-pad, jump with one button, and you can press the other button to freeze the screen and rotate it by tilting the Remote (sort of like the metal bridges in New Super Mario Bros Wii). This leads to many challenging puzzles to solve to ultimately work your way out of each level. Your character can speed up the longer he falls through the air, so you have to make soft landings to avoid smashing him to bits. Your hero is actually a bit fragile and you need to avoid many other obstacles in the game, such as gorillas, lizards, and extreme heat. You can play with four different control schemes, including two that use the Nunchuk and one that uses the Classic Controller. I found the Wii Remote only controls to work the best for me, but it’s nice to have choices. There are even a number of achievements which unlock additional features, a great replay value for folks who like that sort of thing.

The art style made a beautiful transition from the PC version and looks stunning on the Wii on my widescreen TV. Using the Wii Remote to control your character with the D-pad is a huge improvement over keyboard controls. Pressing a button and turning the world using the Wii Remote is challenging at first, but allows you to adjust the screen to any angle, so you aren’t locked into 90º turns like the PC version.

This was a lot of fun to play on the PC, but the WiiWare version easily surpasses it. Highly recommended to people who like platformers, puzzles, or games like Line Rider.

[based on a WiiWare review copy of And Yet It Moves provided by the developer]