ESRB rating teases something magical called “Burger Time HD”

I usually loathe how the video game industry has adopted the blockbuster sequel/remake mentality of Hollywood (for one thing it’s not as mature as cinema, and can’t hope to mimic this effectively), but then I see that the ESRB has rated a game called Burger Time HD for all major platforms, and I feel myself becoming a bit hypocritical about the whole thing. Jack, thy new name be “...

Any Game Boy game you’d like remade?

Nintendo is famous for remaking some of its biggest console games in portable form, most recently the upcoming Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 3DS. But what about the other way around? Are there any Game Boy games you’d like remade with updated graphics, sound, and content? Either for portable or console’whatever.

Sid Meier’s Pirates coming to Wii, says ESRB

[youtube][/youtube] Ahoy, Nintendans! We’re here for your booty!