Any Game Boy game you’d like remade?


Nintendo is famous for remaking some of its biggest console games in portable form, most recently the upcoming Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 3DS. But what about the other way around? Are there any Game Boy games you’d like remade with updated graphics, sound, and content? Either for portable or console—whatever.


  1. A Metroid 2 remake on 3DS would be sweet.

  2. I agree with Josh, a Metroid 2: Return of Samus remake would be rather awesome. I can think of a couple…like Mario Tennis? That’d look cool on the 3DS. What else…Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time?

  3. Duck tales: 3D=awesome

    And I guess having the Wario land games remade would be cool, they were great.

  4. I’d love to see Link’s Awakening and the Oracle zelda games with Twilight Princess visuals. Golden Sun would be great for the Wii too.

  5. Definitely Racing Gears Advance, from Orbital Media! Best isometric perspective combat racing on ANY platform, really!

    They were supposed to be making a sequel for the DS, by the way, which never came…

  6. If we’re counting GBA too, then Mother 3. So much. (Mother 1+2 would be great too, but that doesn’t exactly count, considering it’s a port of an NES game and an SNES game.)

  7. @Josh: Took the words right out of my mouth. I’d love to see Metroid 2 redone with something akin to Metroid Zero Mission’s art style, then enhanced on top of that with really cool looking 3D parallaxing. In fact, while we’re dreaming, I’d love to just see a big compilation of all the side-scroller Metroids crammed onto a single card… I’d accept that as a proper apology for Other M…

  8. Pokemon yellow. I’d love for Pikachu to follow you in an updated hi-res 3D environment.

  9. Tetris. Because I know they will and I want to pick a winner.

  10. ZOMBies Ate My Neighbors

  11. ROBOPON!!! If they could incorporate the remote control technology again, that would be super sweet.

  12. Donkey Kong ’94.

    Also, Donkey Kong ’94.

    These Lemmings-clone “mini Mario” games are not an adequate update, any more than Donkey Kong Country is.

  13. Glad to see alot of people would like a Metroid 2 remake! However, I would like to say that I only think a game should get a remake if it could really benefit from one. Games that are already perfect don’t need a remake. Now a full 3D remake of the first Mother game would be nice. Or they could even remake the cancelled N64 version of Mother 3, as it had quite a few differences from it’s GBA counterpart. That would be nice indeed.

  14. They COULD remake Metroid II using the Metroid: Other M engine for all the graphics but keeping it 2D.

  15. @EdEN: No, they couldn’t. It’d have to still be sprite based to keep the style fully in tact and to be honest, I don’t want to ever see anything connected with Other M. Ever. As far as I’m concerned, Other M is the Metroid equivalent of The Wand of Gameleon.

  16. i would like to see another good multilayer metroid IE a remake of prime hunters

  17. None, because I’m tired of remakes and it adds more fuel to the fire of detractors who say that Nintendo is a company of endless rehashing. I would much rather see a brand new Mario, Zelda or original title than another remake.

  18. Donkey Kong Land would look great in full on 3D

  19. two words. LINKS AWAKENING!!

  20. Motocross Maniacs !

  21. Zelda II or StarTropics

  22. Game Boy Printer … that prints in 3D. Mind. Blown. 😛

  23. Yes! Super Mario Land 2 in color!

  24. man, just that pic of a gameboy micro made me wish i still had mine. anyways, i would take metroid for sure

  25. I’m really hoping for a new Advance Wars.

  26. I have only had the GBA SP for very short while, so I really can’t say much in this matter. So any GameBoy game remake would be new to me.

  27. I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but for me it would definitely be Metroid 2, which I have and love, and probably Link’s Awakening, Kirby GB or GBC and Earthbound, which I have never played 🙁 Sorry I didn’t bring anything new to the table.

  28. I would like Metroid 2 The Return Of Samus

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