How much would you pay for classic Game Boy titles on 3DS Virtual Console?


If NES games were around $5 on Wii’s Virtual Console, I’m going to take a guess that original black & white Game Boy titles will clock in at $3. To be honest, you probably would have a lot more sales if you just went with $1 each, though I doubt Nintendo would ever go that low.

How much would be willing to pay for classic Game Boy titles on the 3DS Virtual Console?


  1. 99 cents. More if there’s more options like different borders, stretching and 3D. No more than $5 even with all options added.

  2. I could see GB at 3$ and GBC 4$ and GBA at 6-7$

    Those would be ideal for me, at least.

  3. No more than $5.

  4. Really? I don’t think they’re going to be that reasonable. GB will be NES as GBA will be to N64. They’re handhelds will more than likely follow a very similar pricing structure to the console game pricing of the VC.

  5. There really aren’t that many original Game Boy games that are worth playing anymore. The ones you’d actually really want to play, like Zelda, Metroid and Wario could be $5, but many should be 99 cents.

  6. Have they said anything about GBA games on it yet?

  7. They never said anything about GBA games being part of the service. Only Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

    I wouldn’t pay more than $5 dollars for a classic GB/GBC game period.

    What would be fun is if the service also offered Game Gear games as well.

  8. I can soooo see them overpricing these, but little do they know that if they priced them at 99 cents they’d get SO MANY buys, so it’s a shame. Still gonna buy loads though….

  9. @Lance – I would LOVE to have/include GameGear games on the “Virtual Console.”

    @Nearly everyone else: You are WAY too generous; I am saying $1….$3 MAX, and they better make it where the 3DS wireless adapter can work in place of the old link cable.

  10. Uhm… nothing because I can get them for free on my Android and transfer them to my other devices as I please.

    If I don’t already own a hard copy of the game, and I can’t find a hard copy, maybe I would pay anywhere between 1 and 5 bucks to get it, but the idea of it being locked to a system doesn’t sit well with me.

  11. I really don’t have any interest in playing any GB titles. There are a few GBA titles I’d pay 2.99 for.

  12. @lance

    That’s a great idea. In fact I’d go a bit further and say I’d like to see atari lynx games as well.

  13. Nintendo wont make the competitive decision of putting GB titles at $1, which they should because look at the pricing on the iPhone and how successful it is.

    GB titles NEED to be 1-2 dollars, and GBA titles NEED to be 4-6 dollars. I know there is no way in hell this will happen, so depending on the game I don’t know how much I am willing to pay. I might want to test out some games I missed back in the day but I’m much less likely to spend $5 on a GB game, than 1 or 2$ on one. I expect the GBA titles to be 8-10 dollars, and that just isn’t going to turn out well unless its games like Minish Cap or Golden Sun

  14. Is that a Lord of the Rings ring I see???
    OH WHOA a 3DS! Where did dat come from!?

  15. Virtual Console titles are already overpriced as it is, and I doubt that GB and GBC games will be any less than $5. It would be a miracle if we could purchase online games as cheap as the iphone, but let’s be realistic here – this is NINTENDO we’re talking about…

  16. i bet they will 5, if they are 3 then i will be SOO happy

  17. Not paying a cent until I can transfer my games between systems.

  18. Remember these are FULL GameBoy Games….. they will be worth whatever price they are label

  19. a dollar max for original gameboy games. 2 for gba.

    thousands of people have been pirating gameboy, snes, nes games on their DS for years now. Nintendo needs to remember this that it’s been free for the previous generation.

  20. well dan you are in luck, a few months after launch you will be able to transfer games

  21. @Aikun2012 – Lord of the Rings? That’s a wedding ring on Blake’s hand!

  22. Never played or owned a game boy of any size or description. Therefore, shan’t be buying any of the games.

    Then again, I probably will try out one or two if there was anything good.

  23. Considering the fact that they’re ditching nintendo points, I think they could charge different prices for different games. A small, third party game could be $1, a bigger, first party title could be around $3, and thy could just add $2 extra for Color games.

  24. 1 dollar for game boy, 2 for gameboy color, 5 for game boy advance

  25. I’m going to say that there will be a $2 baseline that will go up depending on the quality of the experience. Metroid 2 for example I would expect to see come in at around $4. I not sure but there may be an allowance for collections to be downloaded. Maybe Super Mario Land 1 and 2 could be picked up for $5 together or something like that.

  26. I agree with bananaoomarang. The cheaper the games are the more I’ll buy, but the higher the price I’ll become stand-offish. I would definitely buy 5 $1 games, but would be real hesitant on buying 1 $5 ,even though I’m spending the same amount.

  27. My guess is that prices will be as follows:

    GB – $3 and up depending on licensing (TMNT, Disney and the like).
    GBC – $5 and up since they’re bigger games AND in color.
    GBA – $8 and up because it’s the equivalent of SNES games.

    They COULD instead go for a “depends on size and awesomeness” scale and start at $2 and go up to $10.

  28. Also, they can include Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket, Lynx and the other portables from gaming past, specially since we’ve got Genesis, TG 16, Neo Geo AND arcade games over at the Wii VC.

  29. @Sam when was that announced? Last I heard virtual store games were locked on the system of purchase like the Wii.

  30. not too much unless they are updated for 3D. but I do like access to older games for when nostalgia strikes!

  31. @BlueRock Surely that’s all the more reason to buy games? No?

    @Dan I think Iwata announced at an investors meating that when the eShop comes (in May), along with things like the web browser, games purchesed will be transferrable (but it will be dependant on the game, and have a limit)

  32. $5 but willing to pay up to $8 for GBA especially Minish Cap

  33. i would play like 50 bucks for links awakening that game is awesome.

  34. GB = $3, GBC = $5. No more.

  35. i would pay $10 for Virtual Boy Virtual Console : Mario Tennis

  36. That’s a good point. A lot of people play this stuff for free nowadays. If nintendo wants to charge decent amounts they need to add 3D to some games. Give people incentive to buy something they can’t play anywhere else. Old classic gb games arent even worth a buck nowadays; just the reality of it. They’re gonna fail if they don’t rethink things.

  37. Don’t expect less than 5 dollar prices for GameBoy games, people. Nintendo is a fantastic video game company, but they delight in seeing and testing just how patient people are. And I for one don’t mind. GameBoy Color games, at least, have a tendency to be better than NES games. Compare Link’s Awakening DX to the original Legend of Zelda.

  38. I’m appalled at how many people are insisting the price should be 1$ because you can pirate the game as an alternative.

  39. Yes, it’s free, so why pay for it.
    Like food, you can easily eat your way through a grocery store, so why pay for it.

    Oh, right ……… morals.

  40. 3 dollars sound like the optimum price for everyone to me. But I think they could actually do more by having the virtual console games on the Wii to be playable on the new portable as well.

  41. The only gameboy games I’d really be interested in playing are the ones I already own… which I can already play without paying anything at all, since I already own them. So… it would have to be wicked cheap for me to buy them. A buck is good. But I expect them to be $5. If they’re five… I might buy one, but I might be more likely to simply dig out my cart and play the original.