Super Mario 3D Land offers two different 3D views for gameplay

In the final weeks of game development, the team behind Super Mario 3D Land took a look at the nearly-finished Mariokart 7, liked what they saw, and promptly altered the way you experience 3D in their platformer.

This is one of many production tales found in the latest Iwata Asks column on Nintendo’s website, along with an account of game testers experiencing acrophobia during 3D Land’s high-altitude levels.

Apparently, Mariokart 7 uses a new-and-improved 3D style that’s easier on the eyes and helps players maintain focus during frantic races. After applying this new mode to SM3DL–and finding a majority of testers liking the new 3D style better–the developers locked it in as the platformer’s Normal Mode.

Because enough testers preferred the original 3D, however, that viewing option remains in the game as the “Deep View” setting. I’m assuming this mode is for the folks whose eyes had no problem with full-blast 3D in Pilotwings Resort.

Of course, in both modes you can alter the 3D strength via the slider control, but the key difference lies in the location of the “reference plane” (the neutral point where both eyes receive the same image), and the way objects recede from or extend in front of that plane.

I’m very curious about this feature–Can’t wait to compare the two viewing options. Which mode do you think you’ll prefer: Normal, Deep View or 3D off?

The countdown continues! Mario arrives in five days!


  1. Deep 3D FTW!!

  2. Yes I like my 3D dialed all the way up. Unless I’m moving the 3DS around alot.

  3. Trust me, you won’t want 3D off for this one.

  4. MaxDeep, I loved PilotWings’ 3d, so yup. 🙂 It’ll be great.

  5. I love me some deep-view 3D. 😉

  6. So far I’ve played on my sister’s 3DS with the 3D all the way up and have had a lot of fun with Pilotwings Resort, Ocarina of Time and Nintendogs. No tired eyes, no headache, etc.

  7. I played Ocarina of Time with the 3D all the way up, and I never suffered from tired eyes or headache, but sometimes during action packed parts I’d end up jostling the 3DS too much and I would lose the picture completely.

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