ESRB rating teases something magical called “Burger Time HD”


I usually loathe how the video game industry has adopted the blockbuster sequel/remake mentality of Hollywood (for one thing it’s not as mature as cinema, and can’t hope to mimic this effectively), but then I see that the ESRB has rated a game called Burger Time HD for all major platforms, and I feel myself becoming a bit hypocritical about the whole thing.

Jack, thy new name be “conflicted.” And Nostalgia? You are, as ever, a merciless master of me.


  1. LOVE BURGERTIME!!! Especially the Intellivision version. Best home console port of Burgertime was on Intellivision. It’s the only game you can say that about.

    I can just imagine the meeting at Mattel in early 1982…

    “YES! We’ve finally got a high-quality port of a popular arcade game for our home console. Now we can really compete with Atari and Colecovis…huh?! What do you mean the entire market has crashed!?”

  2. I love Burgertime. Great game, and I ‘m looking forward to playing it again in HD.

    But Jack, why do you hate that companies are remaking so many of the old classics? By doing so have they stopped making any new games? Is this trend causing game developers to put a hold on newer ideas and technologies? Of course not. So, how can giving us the consumer more choices (whether it be a new block-buster game, or a remake of a golden oldie) be a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination?
    I love the fact that so many of the golden greats might get a new, fresher face lift, and be presented to a whole new generation of gamers to enjoy.

    Plus, if you don’t like the newer remake of a game, you can still normally find the original either on Amazon (an original hard copy) or you can download it at sites like Good Old Games.

    Seems pretty much like a win/win situation to me.

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