Kirby Mass Attack: “The closest thing to a Canvas Curse sequel we’ll ever see”


Kirby Mass Attack (out today) is getting really good reviews. Here’s one in particular:

There will inevitably be Kirby purists who will baulk at the rather unorthodox gameplay concept behind Kirby Mass Attack, but if they do they’ll be missing out on one of Kirby’s most unique adventures to date. While there are a few extremely minor control issues that pop up from time to time, the touchscreen-only controls perform well, making the game an absolute joy to play. In truth, Kirby Mass Attack might very well be the closest thing to a Canvas Curse sequel we’ll ever likely see and proves to be yet another extremely charming and engaging Kirby adventure.

After hosting out-of-town relatives this weekend, I’m excited to bust open my copy today.

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  1. And don’t forget: there is a trial game download on the Wii’s Nintendo Channel right now!

    I tried it out with my daughters a week ago and we all absolutely loved it… It’s one of those rare titles that will appeal to players of any age.

  2. I really liked playing through Epic Yarn with the wife. Maybe I should give this a shot as well, if anything she’ll probably like it more than me. She loved Epic Yarn to pieces.

    Blake, I’m gonna have to blame you for this one! My wife started playing the Minish Cap. lol Out of nowhere too, so I can only think that it’s your fault. lol Not that I’ve mentioned it before, but we both listen to, and enjoy the podcast. It’s great to have a clean gaming podcast to listen to.

  3. I’ll end up picking this title even though I have a mountain of games that I need to clear off!

  4. I tried the demo and it blew me away with it’s awesomeness. I went and pre-ordered the game today from Gamestop, so I suppose it’ll be ready for me tomorrow or the next day.

  5. Thanks, InvisibleMan. I’ll download the demo tonight πŸ™‚

  6. Update: downloaded the demo, played it, and loved it πŸ™‚

  7. thanks for share!

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