Mario Sports Mix ready to set and serve on February 7th


Developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo, Mario Sports Mix will debut on Wii this coming February 7th. The game will give players the opportunity to play basketball, hockey, volleyball, and dodge ball with all of your favorite Mario characters. You can compete as your Mii character, play local multiplayer with up to four people, and even online multiplayer with 2 vs 2 players (like Mario Kart). Something tells me that dodge ball might be the breakout hit from this package.

The online multiplayer has me hooked. Anyone else interested in Mario Sports Mix?


  1. oh yeah i forgot about this game, i will defiantly want this

  2. 2v2 online? Count me in.

  3. it got me at volleyball and dodgeball!! Already pre-ordered it. ^-^

  4. I really want this game, especially after knowing about the control system that doesn’t require nunchuk.
    I agree with you that dodge ball is going to something in this game

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