Sonic Colors: Stale, or Classic?

I originally held this post back because of video problems but thanks to Nathan Janc over at New Nintendo we’ve actually got a pretty lengthy look at YouTuber SonicStadiumFox playing Sonic Colors at PAX 2010. Analysis after the jump.


Let’s get down to gameplay details. From the HUD pictured in the video it looks like SSF is playing the game using the Wiimote/nunchuck combo, but it’s suspected by New Nintendo that the game will utilize any Wii control method (Wiimote solo, classic controller, etc). The levels shown appear to be broken up into Sonic R style racer-on-rails segments followed by more freeform platforming elements. The action pictured however, is decidedly two-dimensional and seems to harken back more to the original Sonic series than Colors’ 3D predecessors.

Visually, the game looks crisp and colorful (it had better) with a great sense of speed, and so far we’re seeing some nostalgic visual touches like the bold zig-zag cut-outs on the stage intro screen.

Personally, I’ve yawned past pretty much every major Sonic release since the Dreamcast and to be honest, even the sparkly E3 video didn’t get me interested in Colors, but after this gameplay footage I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more. What do you think? Is this formula destined for greatness or the bargain-bin? Should Sonic stick to 2D or keep pushing the platforming envelope. Let us know!