Any pointers on how to beat that annoying, cheating “champion” girl in Wii Sports Resort table tennis? My neighbors are starting to complain about all the stomping and swearing emanating from my apartment at all hours of the day and night.


  1. Some people say putting a top spin on the ball when slamming it does the trick, but I can’t really pull it off. 🙁

  2. have you tried punching her? i hate that cheater too.

  3. Shes sooooo wretched! Jumps all over the place never fumbling.


  4. What champion what level are you at? I got to some people like that and then I kept moving them around the table. Plus to there is a way to do a shot with so much back spin it hits the side and counts as two bounces.

    Table tennis is pretty hardcore this time LOL.

  5. I know your pain. She cheats like anything. I did start to think it was impossible to beat her at one point…But then last week after hours of dedication I finally beat her!

    The best thing to do is just really go for the edges of the table using top-spin, then when she barely gets one back and tees you up for a smash whack it to the other corner. There’s a fair chance she’ll get this back too so then smash to the other corner (and so on until you win the point)

    Oh yeah, and don’t forget that if you pause and quit just before you lose then you’ll start against the cheating champ again the next time as you won’t lose any ranking points – bahahaha!

  6. Respond her shoots immediately at great angle, corner her, then hit to the opposite direction.
    Never, ever, let her push you far from the table, she will get you.

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