Off-topic: Who’s excited for the World Cup?


WARNING: This post has nothing to do with Nintendo, let alone video games. Proceed with caution.

Is anyone else stressing about how they’re gonna shirk work over the next month to watch as many World Cup games as possible? I am. I’ve got World Cup fever bad this year, and I know my video game intake is going to suffer as a result. I’m sure my livelihood will too.

So is anyone else vexed by the global soccer tournament? Oh, and before I forget: Go USA! (We’re gonna need all the help we can get to overcome Rooney & Co. on Saturday.)

Now back to regularly scheduled programming…


  1. What about a world cup soccer game that would be cool. If they ever got around to releasing a solid soccer game on the Wii that wasn’t Mario strikers.

  2. World Cup Football? Meh. Maybe after the greatest game on Earth – HOCKEY – is over.

    I picked Chicago in 6 over Phillie. It’s woth $$$ to me. Go Blackhawks!

  3. i cant wait.

    its called football btw

    COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111! 😉

  4. Damn it, it’s damn well inescapable.

    I’m having a barbacue on Saturday and I’m inviting all my non-football friends so we can ignore England’s endless distraction in good company. ARRRGGGHHH!!!!! Every bloody 4 years. But then really it’s every bloody 2 years, but then it’s really every bloody year, but then it’s really every bloody week, but then it’s really every bloody two days that another inane-incomprehensible-waste-of-human-life-‘controversial’ ‘news story’ about the ‘great/beautiful’ game assaults my personal space. Either this one made a life destroying bad call, or that one’s accused of gang rape, or that one destroyed his knee, or this one endorses high sugar drinks, or that one missed the Nth penalty, or that one is the most arrogant sonofabitch on the planet, or this one cheated on the sexiest woman on the planet, or that one has an IQ of 56 and is a thug but is celebrated as a hero of the people and an aspirational figure for our youth, or that one is a national treasure but beats on his wife and destroyed 2 livers.

    Most sadly, there’s no point in the universe of watching the games when you know the outcome – and for England the outcome is a certainty, more-so than the weather: Generally disappointing play given the amount we pay them – ‘we’ll’ get ‘our’ hopes when they beat weaker teams – then national mourning as we lose on penalty shoot outs to a WWII nemesis.

    I’d avoid it if I could, but on this forsaken island it’s an impossibility. I often look forward to the day football (and Eastenders) dies, knowing that while it may exceed my lifetime, all civilisations and species (and correspondingly sports) either fall or evolve into something completely different.

    I’d take a Newton over a Rooney every day of the millennium, and somehow I live in a country where 99% of the people would scream bloody murder at me for it. And 10% would nut me for it. And 0.1% would murder me bloodily for it.


    football or “soccer” isnt for everyone, fair enough if you don’t like it haha.

    but putting the stupidly amount of money they earn and how the cry when they brake a nail, football is a great sport. i personally much prefer playing than watching but the fans of football have a lota passion,

    its also like smash bros, easy to play but hard to master. 😉

    and good luck avoiding it, as at the moment the game is everywhere as countries try to get there fans behind them.

    bring it on tbh =)

  6. Someone never learned how to play the game… haha

    oh and btw, “soccer” is an old ENGLISH word. Do some reaserch and you’ll find out.

    USA has a great team and if the play they cards right, I could see them fighting for a spot in the sixth game.

    I just hope Altidore is ready.

    I’ll be cheering for USA, Spain
    hopefully brazil plays well too 🙂
    woot woot world cup party at blakes!!

  7. “Soccer” is indeed a derivation of the term “Association Football” that the posh public school boys used to use. But football is more logical as its a game where you use you feet (and a ball)

    Anyway…Go England! I can see the US sneaking a draw on Saturday though.

  8. “Is anyone else stressing about how they’re gonna shirk work over the next month to watch as many World Cup games as possible?”

    That’s just funny. Down here in Brazil, it’s almost mandatory that you DO NOT work when there’s a game. You either won’t have to go to work or they’ll provide a nice big TV for employees to watch. Basically nothing opens from about one hour prior to the game, and if it opens again afterwards, you’re in luck if you can get good service.
    So as you can imagine, it’s a difficult time if you’re a Brazilian who doesn’t care for the sport. * sigh*

    And to think that, in 4 years, it’ll all happen HERE. We’re gonna implode for sure.

  9. No.

  10. well hush me up. sorry haha.

    either way, looking forward to the game =)

  11. Totally excited with the world cup, most when this next summer cup feels like its going to be supercompetitve and intense fromthe beginning
    Greetings from Spain btw, I love this site


  13. I’ll be cheering USA on this Sat. We can hang with the best as long as we play to our full potential and with a little luck we have every possibility to do well this time around. Of course anything would be better than the abysmal WC 2006.

  14. I am prepared for everything, and cheering for the Dutch (who else ?)

    The latest World cup game is as good as the latest Fifa game, at least on XBOX, haven’t seen it in action on the Wii…

  15. not interested and dont really care about soccer/football. the only thing i find interesting about soccer/football is that only in america and canada and possibly mexico do they call it soccer. and almost everywhere else its called football.

  16. I don’t watch sports.

    Well, that’s not true, I tried to go to the Mavericks surf competition once, but the bleachers were washed out by a big wave before I got there.

  17. It’s gonna be an awesome cup!!

  18. Brazil! Bam! Bam! Bam!
    Brazil! Bam! Bam! Bam!
    Brazil! Bam! Bam! Bam!
    Brazil! Bam! Bam! Bam!
    Brazil! Bam! Bam! Bam!
    Brazil! Bam! Bam! Bam!

    (six times for the sixth world cup title)

    Of course I´m excited for the World Cup. I’m going to wake up early on Friday just to see the game, glad my teacher cancelled classes that day, why would that be…? By the way, here in Mexico we call football… well, football but in spanish xD Only a few people call it soccer, and we generally mock them 😛

  20. I’ve been waitin 4 years for the return of Portugal! Portugal is gonna own all…the end

  21. Yeah, I’m rooting for Portugal, too. And for the two Koreas to go down in flames. (Which may happen in real life pretty soon…)

  22. I’m going to call sick, when my team is playing. Nothing is bigger than a Football Worldcup! Go Ze Germans!

  23. I am….

    Vamos España!!!!!

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