Angry Birds 3DS: Is $39.99 Too Much?

Angry Birds 3DS: Is $39.99 Too Much?

I would bet that most people reading this have played Angry birds.  Whether it is on an iPhone, Android, or Google Chrome web browser, it is almost impossible to escape the phenomenon.  I have played each version of Angry birds while waiting for meetings and other times that I had a few minutes to spare (which isn’t often).  It is fairly addictive, although I do get bored with it after a while.  What I like best is that the Android version s free and the iOS version is only $0.99 US.

So, if the game is free, or sold at minimal cost depending on OS, why would I pay $29.99 for a physical copy of the game for the 3DS ($39.99 for Xbox 360 and PS3)?  Personally, I don’t think I would.

For me, the cost of the physical copy is too high for something I can get so inexpensively on an app market, or play in my web browser.  Sure the console version contains 19 new levels, 3D support (for the 3DS), new cut scenes, upgraded graphics, and surround sound support (Xbox 360 and PS3), but do we need all of that for such a simple game?  Activision seems to think that the new features warrant the cost associated with the console version.

However, the console version will not include the most recent updates, or Angry Birds Space.  I would imagine that if the sales are good enough, Angry Birds Space will be released separately, as well as console exclusive versions.  Still, I have a hard time justifying the purchase if I already have it on a mobile device, and downloaded it for free on my Razr.

According to many of the forums threads I have read, almost everybody feels that the high price has spelled doom for the updated version.  What are your thoughts on the launch?  Will you purchase it on the September 25th release date, or maybe after?  Or will we see it buried next to E.T. in the desert?


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