Nintendo 3DS on the Show Floor

The Nintendo 3Ds is a device that has a 16:9 top screen that renders objects with  and a 4:3 bottom screen that is touch enabled. The top screen has a switch on top that is a 3D slider that changes the amount of dimensional depth you can actually see; which means you can play 3DS games without having 3D enabled.

The system also has a D-Pad and features a slide nub, which basically acts as an analog stick that moves easily and smoothly. A home button, that hasn’t been activated on the system, but will most likely bring you to a streamlined menu similar to the DSi.

As for photo capturing abilities, there are 2 cameras on the outside of the system able to capture pictures in both 2D and 3D pictures. Pictures captured in 3D mode will only be viewable on the 3DS. Along, with the 3D capabilities, the systems also will feature gyroscope and motion sensitive technology, allowing you to tilt and move the system. As for how this will be implemented in the future is unknown.

Extensive hands on to come tomorrow.

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