What made GoldenEye 007 so good?


Was it the controls? The first of its kind on consoles? Something else?

Whatever it was, I’m not so sure developer Eurocom will be able to revive the series on Wii, especially after reviewing their unimpressive portfolio.

I suppose they could surprise us. After all, they did make Dead Space: Extraction. And a lot of people seemed to like that game. (I thought it was meh.) But overall the revamp feels more like a cash-in than any genuine attempt at reviving a classic.

Whatever the case, Activision will release GoldenEye 007 on November 2, exclusively for Wii. With four-person split-screen and eight-person online, is this a day one purchase? Wait and see? Or a pass?


  1. Unimpressive? I’m sorry but I really must disagree…they have made plenty of good games =(
    Duke Nukem 64 for instance.
    MK3 and 4 – the Playstation ports of those games were fantastic (albeit the ending cutscenes were terrible).
    Hydro Thunder still remains one of my favourite racing games, and I love Hercules and Tarzan on the Playstation.

  2. (almost) no matter the developer, I never expected this game to be any good. I think that this is just a cash in.

  3. The graphics look very nice to me, let’s hope they don’t botch the gameplay.

  4. guys, have some hope!!! It could be good, or not…. The devs might actually have some passion for a new Goldeneye game, or not….

  5. Goldeneye was the 1st game I ever played that I had to watch the film in order to complete.

    Having never seen the film, at the end of the statue park level when Natalya was being held by the 2 goons, I tried for weeks, to work out how to save her.

    Then watched the movie, realised Bond got captured at this point, and simply put away my gun and walked up to them. Level Complete.

    Also the 1st time I thought the objective on a level was to basically loose.

  6. I look at the last bond game they made and it was freaking sweet. Granted it was back on the 64, but if it weren’t for Goldeneye being the 1st bond game on the 64 then the game we’d be begging for a remake of would have been The World is Not Enough. That game was really freaking good.
    So, don’t think that Eurocom is just some cash in shovelware dev who’s going through the motions. These guys are as good as it gets for bond development. Especially an N64 remake. They made an awesome multiplayer experience back in the day so I wouldn’t think twice about whether or not to scoop up this game. They understand the 007 feel and get the subtle nuances of the bond experience.
    I’d say have a little faith, but I really don’t think faith is required here. It just makes sense that Eurocom is the developer of choice for this remake. I know, I know, we all want Rare to do this but, rare is a totally different company now. Ok, I guess I’m done ranting for now.

  7. Soooo many memories of the original. For me it was how customizable the multiplayer was. Different levels, scenarios, and weapons. Kept things fresh for a long time. Usually we played one hit kills so you couldnt just sit on the armor. And being able to see whats going on in their screen, to plot their demise.
    Lets see… My brother coming at me with a pistol and catching my throwing knife FTW! My brother and I doing circles around each other in the caves, then my wife putting us both down with one Cougar Magnum shot!
    I swore off FPS’s a long time ago, but I’m having a hard time not getting excited for this. Too much nostalgia.
    @ LooneyToonz: I love that story, thats awesome! It reminds me of Majoras mask. There was a wall I ran into and was able to climb a couple steps before falling. So i went up 2, then over one before falling. After 3 days I was able to map out how to get up to the top. Then I found the magic eye that show you the parts you can climb :/

  8. Well… I think it’d be a wait and see. I mean, I probably will be getting it anyway, (With that swag Golden Classic Controller ^_^) But… I’ve seen remakes that look good, that wind up burning themselves to the ground.

  9. dead space was great.

  10. Wait and see for me. Too many games in my collection at the moment that I have yet to start.

  11. The game looks awesome. I’m buying it day one.

  12. Hmm. Dead Space Extraction was decent… before that, I don’t see anything worth playing in the Eurocom portfolio since 2003. Combined with the fact that Activision (the largest game publisher in the world) hasn’t produced any Wii titles worth owning outside of Call of Duty and Guitar Hero and I see no reason to give this game benefit of the doubt.

    With that said, I hope they prove me wrong. Having a remake of Goldeneye that is fast and fun and worth playing would be great!

  13. It is great i don’t know why people don’t like it.