Which new Wii shooter are you more interested in playing?

Call of Duty: Black Ops or Goldeneye 007? Both are made by talented development teams. Both feature impressive multiplayer options. Both seem equally capable of satisfying your shooter twitch. Coincidentally, both are published by Activision. So, which will you choose? Derek and I made our choice in the latest podcast.

Early reviews for GoldenEye Wii remake are encouraging, love the multiplayer

[youtube][/youtube] Varying consensus opinion seemingly keep it from achieving the quality of the original. But it’s obvious GoldenEye 007 is anything but a cash-in. Out today, the $50 game is definitely worth consideration, especially from die-hard Bond, shooter, and multiplayer fans. Infendo impressions to follow.

What made GoldenEye 007 so good?

[youtube][/youtube] Was it the controls? The first of its kind on consoles? Something else? Whatever it was, I’m not so sure developer Eurocom will be able to revive the series on Wii, especially after reviewing their unimpressive portfolio.

GoldenEye to include golden Classic Controller

Fans won’t receive a Golden Gun when they pick up the $70 GoldenEye Classic Controller Pro bundle, but they will receive—as the name implies—a Classic Controller Pro. Pricey! The regular version will retail for the usual $50. Excited?

E3 leak: New Goldeneye “exclusive” for Wii

“After 13 years, what would you say if a new Goldeneye were coming this fall?” asks an Activision interviewer. “OMG!” and “Yea!” comes the seemingly scripted reply by interviewees. That’s right. A “new Goldeneye experience” is coming exclusively to Wii this November, developed by Activision. Its unclear if any of the original development team i...