Which new Wii shooter are you more interested in playing?

Call of Duty: Black Ops or Goldeneye 007?

Both are made by talented development teams. Both feature impressive multiplayer options. Both seem equally capable of satisfying your shooter twitch. Coincidentally, both are published by Activision.

So, which will you choose? Derek and I made our choice in the latest podcast.


  1. Probably Goldeneye for me, mainly for nostalgic reasons. 🙂

  2. Nether. I would rather play (Black ops) on ps3 and golden eye the graphics have not been updated as high as they could. Only will I play golden eye is they upgrade the graphics.

  3. Honestly, CoD Black Ops. I didn’t get into Goldeneye on the 64 when it was out. I thought it was too difficult, the graphics were bad, and I sucked at multiplayer – so I don’t have any nostalgia feelings for it, though I know it’s a solid game for the Wii.

  4. Why do we have to choose any? Passing on both. I hate shooters.

  5. totaly goldeneye

  6. Goldeneye, because at least it isnt the same thing repackaged for another year.

  7. goldeneye. i am LOVING it, and graphics dont make a game. its sad that people will miss out on a great campaign like goldeneye’s because the graphics. anyways. i will be getting cod black ops but on the ps3 cuz i have more friends on ps3. i DO want the wii control scheme. it is so much superior to dual analogs its not even funny. feels like a huge step back when i play shooter on ps3 as far as controls go

  8. Goldeneye. Instead of a repackaged FPS from years ago that glorifies real accounts of war and killing I’d rather play a fictional cinematic game featuring agent 007 engaging in action across the globe.

    Though in all honesty Black Ops looks like a solid game (and I’m not as offended by CoD as it might sound), but Goldeneye is more fun. I sat down and played some 3 player split screen yesterday and had a blast. Does black ops even have split screen?

    Goldeneye has the smooth play mechanics of CoD with more style, substance and more interesting action. With a solid mix of stealth and action and the good ‘ol tank level.

    I should say that I was not all that interested in Goldeneye on n64 as a kid. Thought it was ok. played some multiplayer and stuff but never played campaign and MUCH preferred other N64 games but Goldeney Wii is a great game on its own independent of Goldeneye on N64.

    The next FPS I get (if I DO get one) is probs gonna be Conduit 2. It looks solid.

  9. Sadly I can’t play any games since my Wii died on me this weekend. Before that happened, though, I was playing GoldenEye, and it’s pretty fantastic. Well worth the purchase price. Great single-player and multi-player game.

  10. I was holding to get the new GoldenEye (I like stealth shotters better than war ones).
    Do you know if we can play with health bars in the multiplayer? Also, how many weapons are allowed there? Can we customize each one (like Perfect Dark) or do we have to use a predefined set (like the original GoldenEye)?

    My hands are itching to get it nonetheless. 🙂


  11. I would pick Goldeneye over Black Ops. Don’t get me wrong Black Ops is going to be a great game but I haven’t seen the game in motion. Probably a dumbed down version AGAIN! Goldeneye = Love & Care.

  12. Its all about GoldenEye for me! Ive been burnt before with shoddy controls on an older shooter that was labeled under CoD or MoH for the Wii. Cant remember which one though… :/

  13. Goldeneye, when I can buy it, or if Christmas rolls around…whichever comes first. Darn you Nintendo! Give me a confirmed U.S. 3DS price! I wanna know how much to save! >:c

  14. Black Ops for me. More multiplayer options in my opinion.

  15. Goldeneye… not really into CoD and MoH games.
    I’ll admit they’re great games, but I myself aren’t a “realistic war shooter”-kind of person.
    …especially when “realistic” means annoying, cussing kids and shoot-shoot-shoot gameplay.
    (I like MGS4/MGO, due to that it isn’t all about shooting… sometimes it’s about setting up the perfect trap, and it doesn’t need guns for it to work)

    Liking Goldeneye. Not loving it, but liking it definitely. Worth its price.

    While it is sad that they didn’t improve the graphics as much as they could have, the improvement is in the facial expressions (which feel more realistic than most high-graphics shooters… thanks to the geniuses at Eurocom). But hey, at least the framerate ain’t bad (which should be more concerning than graphics, imho).

  16. I’ve got to say, I still haven’t seen any in depth coverage as to what the wii version will and will not offer. Maybe I missed it somewhere but I just don’t know anything about it. Goldeneye on the other hand is an easy sell for me!

  17. 007 for me!

  18. I have chosen Goldeneye. It’s a great game, with an intense multiplayer, and challenging single player. Honestly though I would not object to black ops either if its controls are as well done as 007’s. Shooters on the Wii may have finally begun to tap their potential!!!!!!

  19. I think Black Ops online might be better tho since it isnt through Nintendo.

    I was confused why Activision gimped Goldeneye online like that.

  20. both run on wifi both games oh Goldenye is lag free end of i played 80 hours and got lag in 1 game now tell me a shooter than does better than that all fps games have lag sometimes end of but when lag isnt present and thats mostly it plays better than COD on 360 it does end of

  21. I’m not an FPS guy, so niether.

  22. I interested in Goldeneye. I have tried other Call of Duty and Medal of Honor games on the Wii, but the low-res graphics make it harder to do long range and sniper shooting. I think it is because COD/MOH uses realistic environments. However, the Conduit game was awesome on Wii because if its graphical style and I was able to do long range shooting with more precision.

  23. Neither for me, either. Not into killing people for laughs.

    Now gomba stomping, on the other hand, is always a great time!

  24. I would definitely be more interested in GoldenEye.
    I’m not a big fan of FPS war games on the console. I guess after getting used to playing them on my PC with a mouse, I just can’t enjoy the whole controller thing.
    GoldenEye seems like it offers more than just running and shooting everything, which would seem better to me for console use.

  25. Goldeneye dropped the match first game I played.

    And Black Ops runs through an activision server IIRC

  26. I’ll be getting both. Don’t know if I’ll go for the version with the golden Classic Controller Pro…

  27. I am not a shooter fun but i am interested in goldeneye for nostalgia reasons, and because i am a fan of 007. The reviews say that the split screen multiplayer is very good and that’s why my friends and me are interested. It’s better to play with your friends on the same couch than online i believe.

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