Get a Wii in Infendo Red! (Japan Only!)

Ever wanted an Infendo Colored Wii? Nintendo Japan has got you covered: a limited edition red console in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros.  It’s not “official” Infendo swag, sure – but you can bet your britches the first fan to slap a white “Infendo” logo on this baby will earn a special place in our hearts.

It’s not all paint jobs and motion-plus integrated Wii remotes: the special edition console will also feature a 25th Anniversary edition of Super Mario Bros. pre-installed, where the “?” blocks are replaced with “25” blocks.   No word yet if the special edition console or virtual console game will see release stateside.

Check out Engadget, and Nintendo Japan for shots of the special edition game, and more!


  1. I’d love it if Nintendo actually shipped these special edition hardware outside of Japan. It sucks that its a Japan exclusive, much like the special 25th anniversary DSi/DSi LL that they have here.

  2. Another crap, shovelcolor, failure, that does nothing to enhance anything. *wink

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