The Game Machine Joe

[youtube][/youtube]Hi Infendo readers!

I’m Game Machine Joe one of the newest bloggers for Team Infendo. I’m a 26 year old video gamer from Wisconsin; who like you all love everything Nintendo. I currently spend my free time (out side of playing video games) drawing, debating, and reading. I have a very critical eye for Nintendo products and only expect the best from Iwata’s team. If something Nintendo is subpar, I won’t sugar coat and you will hear about it. (I’m looking at you Wii U online chat function.) Although my main goal here is to inform the masses about all things Nintendo I would also like to help expand the Infendo community. Try getting the readers more involved with Infendo and have fun while doing it. I will love to hear from everyone and get to know everyone as an whole. I’m really interested in video game drawings and art. If you have any I would love to check it out and see what the community thinks about it. I know this site is about Nintendo but we the fans make Nintendo so I’m interested in helping to make Infendo about us. So with that said go Team Infendo!

If you would like to submit any art or ask me any questions send it to I would really appreciate it. Since I’m new to the team how about we do a quick roll call. Maybe some Twitter and Facebook handles below in the comment section below or maybe your favorite Nintendo game to get the ball rolling. I’m looking forward to being here on Infendo and seeing what every one brings.

Game Machine Joe