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Is Ganondorf making a return in Zelda: A Link Between Worlds?

A bevy of  new artwork from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has surfaced from Nintendo today, and one piece of art shows off what appears to be a familiar foe: Is that Ganondorf? Yes, the the headline

The Game Machine Joe

Hi Infendo readers! I’m Game Machine Joe one of the newest bloggers for Team Infendo. I’m a 26 year old video gamer from Wisconsin; who like you all love everything Nintendo. I currently spend my free time (out side of

Miyamoto-san, what did you eat?!

So I went to PAX East this past Saturday—it was fun! I only really hit up the exhibit floor to check out new games and the 3DS, but that was enough for me. I also bought a wooden training sword

Infendo tour de art

Concept art for video games is where it all starts. Before any pony-tailed programmer writes even a single line of code, there is the concept art to show what the vision of the game is. I have always enjoyed the art gallery unlockables that many

Greatest Zelda painting of all time?

Greatest Zelda painting of all time. Context: 25 Years of Zelda. Oh, and it gets bigger.

This Zelda pixel mosaic is pretty cool

So claim the creators: These mosaics have been created using various sprites and screenshots from every single Legend of Zelda game ever made. This includes the infamous CDi games such as The Wand of Gamelon and classics like A Link