Zelda’s new look?


Hmm. I’ve since warmed to the new pseudo-cel shaded look of the upcoming Wii MotionPlus-enhanced Zelda title, but the look of this deviantart submission has kind of given me second thoughts about what the next title in the series should look like… [Thanks 4cr for locating this gem]


  1. That is awesome, ever since I saw it yesterday morning it has been by desktop background.

  2. For God’s sake, why would anyone NEED to warm up to new look? People are acting like this art style is almost as controversial Wind Waker’s cel-shaded art style—-the same people who later would complain that Twilight Princess is too “gritty” and “brown”.

  3. Hey Pooch, after you chill out and take a breath, read on…

    OK. So, unlike a lot of people on the Internet, when a franchise goes in a new direction, especially with its look and feel, as Zelda will with its next version, I like to sit back and take it in. No snap judgements.

    At first, I was pretty neutral to the look. It was different. I didn’t really have an opinion of it. But, now that I’ve seen some new media for it, and a proper demo without “interference” gumming up the works, it looks A-OK. I’ve “warmed” to it.

    This is total opposite of what’s happened to me regarding Other M, of course. That game continually draws me in with cool gameplay mechanics and then immediately slaps me around with kiddie anime voice acting and “2-hour” movie modes.

    Hope that helps.

  4. I would pee a little if they did remakes of the Oracle games in this style. Make it happen, Nintendo.

  5. This picture is cool but if the new game looked like a darker windwaker i would be pissed

  6. I believe that it´s a good look just for game remakes or portable consoles. For the “table” consoles, at the present and forward, it wouldn´t be the best choice.

  7. A darker Wind Waker style would be awesome.