Zelda team “under considerable pressure” to match Monster Hunter graphics

No one makes better-looking games for Nintendo platforms than Nintendo. Unless of course you’re Capcom, working on the upcoming Monster Hunter Tri for Wii.

“Looking at the graphics objectively, I feel like Monster Hunter Tri’s visuals are a representative example of what can be done on Wii,” Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told a pair of Capcom developers this week. “It has placed the Zelda team under a considerable amount of pressure.”

Monster Hunter Tri, billed as “the best looking game on Wii ever,” arrives April 20. The next Zelda sequel, promising realistic visuals, is rumored to arrive as early as this fall, if not next spring.

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  1. Lord Toker says:

    holy crap! hopefully the gameplay will match the visuals. i don’t want to play a pretty, but boring/aggrevating game and yes the zelda team has their work cut out for them.

  2. MrMiyamoto says:

    I think Red Steel 2 has better graphics. There’s seriously no aliasing in that game, which was previously considered impossible on the Wii. Even Mario Galaxy games are pretty hardcore aliased. Jaggies are as important as textures when considering a game’s graphical prowess.

  3. deepthought says:

    i love me some graphical wonder

    this isnt bad, but i also look at more than just textures. jaggies are def doistracting, but the smoothness and realism in the animation is something I def consider part of graphics.

    i often prefer a wonderfully smooth and realistic animation even if it means i sacrifice textures and gain jaggies.

  4. z-nut says:

    I never realized exactly how good Monster Hunter Tri looked.
    Knowing Nintendo, they probably won’t just match them, but end up surpassing them.

  5. Ptolemy says:

    So I guess they’re “tightening up the graphics”…


  6. Mohan says:

    Good! Competition is very good thing for the consumers!

  7. raindog469 says:

    You can tell just from the mocap which parts are pre-rendered cut scenes. They sure are pretty, but Zelda games have never had pre-rendered stuff as far as I know.

    Well, except for the CDi games….

    Anyway, the rest of it, the gameplay parts, are slightly more detailed than Twilight Princess, but not much. I worry about the tendency to constantly delay Zelda games when it will have already been over 4 years since the last console Zelda release by the time this one comes out, but I’m pretty sure Aonuma and company won’t have much trouble matching Capcom’s gameplay visuals.

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  9. David says:

    The demo looked good, but I don’t know about BEST GRAPPHIX EVAR.

    Still gotta hand that to Super Mario Galaxy.

  10. Leon says:

    Monster hunter is indeed a very good looking game, I think what is mainly graphically superior to TP was the landscapes, Nintendo will really have to get their land of Hyrule to look more like how the expansive landscapes in MH3 look.

  11. gojiguy says:

    I find that MH3s textures and lighting aren’t anything to shake a stick at. But the polygons they’re pushing on the bigger monsters and the amazingly fluid animation is what makes the game so pretty in my eyes.

  12. Francisco Javier Ogushi says:

    Well, after seeing Metroid other M recent trailer and the graphics, as well as Zangeki no Reginleiv graphics, I don´t see how can be difficult to surpass Monster Hunter 3, unless of course the developers are just starting to test the graphics for Zelda

    Besides, Monster Hunter 3 is a game of last year, surely is very good graphicaly but there have been other titles that rival it like Zangeki and, Resident Evil and Metroid

    This comment of Iwata seems to be just a commercial promotion of Monster Hunter 3, but in the worst case, means that zelda team has just started the graphical part of the new Zelda title

  13. -_Q says:

    Wait, this isn’t late April Fools right?

    When he was hitting the enemies it looked absolutely horrific… so awkward…

    Compare those attacks to something like Wind Waker and the beauty of the swordstrikes in that game… or the blurry epic scope of Shadow of the Colossus…

    It may have some nice graphics,
    but what Monster Hunter 3 doesn’t seem to have is Style.

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