All Pokemon Drawn to Scale


pokemon drawn to scale


It is always interesting to see what Netizens share with the Internet at their disposal. Today we have an impressive draw-to-scale image of all Pokémon, courtesy of artist Ray Ray at DeviantArt. Wailord (see massive blue whale near center) obviously steals the show as the largest Pokémon, easily eclipsing the diminutive Joltik. Even legendary Pokémon cannot match Wailord’s size.  Can you spot your favorite Pokémon in this montage?  You can view the original, larger image at the source link below.

Source: Ray Ray’s Deviant Page

Rakim Reid is many things -- a blogger, husband, student -- but video games have been in his life longer than any of them. He has written about the video game industry over the years in his spare time and has plans to expand into the e-book realm. He is a avid Nintendo fan and continues to play the company's latest games. You can find him curled up next to his 3DS in his downtime.


  1. Wow. I can’t spot Houndoom (my favorite) from here but I know he’s there. 🙂

  2. @Sam
    Look at Wailord’s tail. Look three rows up from that, you’ll see Phanpy and Donphan, to the left of them is Kingra. to the left of him is Skarmory. To the left of HIM, is Houndour, Houndoom and Mega Houndroom.

  3. My favorite’s not too hard to spot: Ho-Oh looks glorious, as always. 😉

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