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Mining for a Crafty Review

Minecraft Switch Edition By Steve Peacock Wow! For the better part of two weeks I’ve been saying I was going to get this review written. The funny thing about game reviews is how when the game is good, it is

Video: Hunt monsters as Samus Aran in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Capcom uploaded a video to YouTube today, showing off the latest Nintendo crossover equipment for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: this time it’s Samus from the Metroid series, in both Power and Zero suit varieties. A new ranged weapon resembling an

DuckTales: Best Moon Theme Covers

The DuckTales NES soundtrack is fantastic overall, but I think you’ll agree when I say that no track sticks out more than the game’s Moon theme. Before I ever played DuckTales, I heard that glorious melody and loved it instantly.

Watch the Nintendo Digital Event here

Nintendo’s Digital Event will be airing today. The streamed media briefing will be 47 minutes in length. You can watch the event at Nintendo’s official YouTube channel or at here at Nintendo’s E3 2014 website. Is your body ready?

Video: Really Freakin’ Clever – Metroid Prime

Joshua M. has posted a new video looking back at the Space Pirate Frigate prologue to Metroid Prime. In the video, we are taken aback to how Prime 1’s prologue level was an inventive and subtle way to teach the

Video: Super Mario Bros. theme with wine glasses and a frying pan

YouTube user Dan Newbie has made a habit of recreating memorable songs and themes with the use of kitchen utensils and various glassware. Now, he has paid homage to the Super Mario Bros. theme using only wine glasses and a