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YouTube Spotlight: Super Mario Bros. beat with lowest possible score, no continues

Gamers typically want to get the high score, but YouTuber NotEntirelySure has uploaded a video of an impressive feat that requires exactly the opposite: getting the lowest possible score in Super Mario Bros. without using any continues. The final 500

YouTube Spotlight: Lovely Wii Fit Trainer – Smash Bros Animation

If you’ve been paying close attention, you know that I have been putting up YouTube Spotlights on Tuesdays (fits the whole “YouTube Tuesday” tradition), but the nice thing about doing Spotlights is that there’s nothing confining them to Tuesdays! (Honestly,

YouTube Spotlight: Smooth McGroove

Here we go with another YouTube Spotlight, and this one promises to be something special. You may or may not be familiar with YouTuber Smooth McGroove. If you are: good for you. If not: it’s never too late. Smooth McGroove

Youtube App Now Available For 3DS

After confirming that a 3DS Youtube app was on the way at a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, the app is now available on 3DS eShops in North America and Europe and takes up 113 blocks on your memory card. There

Video: Star Wars meets Zelda and the rest of Nintendo

If you don’t know who James Farr is, then immediately check out his YouTube page. Farr, a YouTube celebrity in his own right, has been responsible for some the best pop culture mash-ups on the Internet. His previous mash-ups include

Dear Nintendo of America: Could you please make us more trailers like this one from the UK?

A trailer showing off already-released and to-be-released games exclusively for Wii U at a rapid-fire pace…these are a few of my favorite things. Nintendo of America could take a few notes from its UK sibling and give us more of