YouTube Spotlight: Super Mario Bros. beat with lowest possible score, no continues


Gamers typically want to get the high score, but YouTuber NotEntirelySure has uploaded a video of an impressive feat that requires exactly the opposite: getting the lowest possible score in Super Mario Bros. without using any continues. The final 500 points in this unique run come from touching 5 of the game’s flagpoles at the very bottom precisely when the clock hits 000. Mario loses just one life in the entire run after a first attempt at the tricky wall jump maneuver in level 8-1 fails. Don’t ask me how a wall jump like that works in Super Mario Bros., because I have no idea.

Watch the video above to see the one-of-a-kind SMB run for yourself. Also, if you would like to keep track of all of Infendo’s YouTube Spotlight videos, click here for the complete playlist on my channel.

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