Youtube App Now Available For 3DS


youtube_logoAfter confirming that a 3DS Youtube app was on the way at a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, the app is now available on 3DS eShops in North America and Europe and takes up 113 blocks on your memory card. There is also the option to watch videos in High Quality and sets it to full screen instead of having a black box outside the video.

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  1. The introduction of Youtube would have been a positive move, circa the 3DS’s release. While the 3DS is a nice system and a success, this article (in two sentences) gives two examples of Nintendo’s disconnect with consumers.

    1) Youtube is nice. What about the 3D Netflix movies you promised before the system was released?
    2) Memory blocks? WTH is a memory “block”? Why can’t you just say use MB or GB like everyone else? You didn’t see Steve Jobs making up new terms for memory. If he didn’t, you shouldn’t. Same with social media. Miiverse?

  2. @Stuart

    Memory blocks have been a thing ever since computer/microchips have existed, as their physical data banks were separated into “blocks” on the chip. Nintendo has been using the term themselves as early as the Gamecube, if you remember.

    It’s nothing new.

  3. Stuart, because only Nintendo ever used blocks? XBOX never didbor anything >_>

    Also this app is GARBAGE, don’t skimp on that. “High Quality” is 240P RESOLUTION. The layout is terrible, it locks up often…stay away, don’t use it.

  4. This is still the great weakness of the 3DS IMO – no real social media integration. As pointed out, this app stinks. But Instagram, Twitter and FB should all be available.

    People could then post the photos they take to social media sites, which gives you free marketing. Think of photos posted with Nintendo characters added in via the AR card functionality. Huge missed opportunity.

  5. Well, that’s why Miiverse is on/coming to the 3DS.

  6. Memory “blocks” were common before the popularity of portable storage media. There’s no reason to use the term now as most people are familiar with megabytes and gigabytes. People don’t buy a 100 block memory card, they buy a 4GB memory card. Just because they’ve used the term forever and, (gasp) the original Xbox did as well, it doesn’t mean they must continue.

  7. Miiverse – yeah that’s taking the world by storm.

    I coach youth sports. After big wins kids like to take out their ipods (or smart phones), snap a few pics, then share with friends. Mostly it’s Instagram.

    It’s never a Nintendo device. And it won’t be until they get the big three social media working.

    But they won’t. Current leadership is too stubborn.

  8. And as evidenced by much of their actions lately, Nintendo has a focus on carving out their own audience. Miiverse is part of that.

    Just because it’s not exploding like two of the biggest Web-based social services in history doesn’t mean it’s not good. And frankly, Miiverse -is- good. Now that it’s coming to the 3DS, it’s likely to become much more popular.

  9. @BornFlunky – you don’t make predictions, you simply state what you want to happen.

    As big as Google is, Google+ is a joke. Miiverse is in the same boat.

  10. @Lou – That sounds a bit petty. “This gets released on another popular platform, and therefore will become more popular” is not even just a prediction, it’s incredibly likely to the point of being a near-certainty.