3DS will live or die by its store demos

How much is too much for the 3DS?

$300? How about $250? Would the cost of one game make a difference? The cost of a night at the movies?

If it launches here at $300, 3DS will cost the same as a 32GB iPod Touch. But, you know what? Everyone’s seen the iPod Touch. It’s great, but no longer new. Right now, most people have not seen the 3DS in person. It can’t strut its stuff on television or the internet. Most people have never seen a 3D no-glasses-required game machine in action.

That’s why its prospects will become clearer once the general public sees 3DS doing its magic via in-store demos. If we see folks crowding around the thing, Nintendo’s got a hit.

What would make me buy a 3DS at $300? Well, to be honest, a sign saying, “In Stock.” But, what would I consider a great bargain at $300? I don’t care about the charging dock or the SD card (I’ve got SD cards coming out my ears). Here’s what I’d like at that price:

A pack-in game. Paper Mario or Starfox would be awesome.

How To Train Your Dragon. My new favorite movie and the best 3D I’ve ever experienced. If films are part of the plan, and if the 3DS can deliver the image depth I saw in theaters (or even come reasonably close), I’ll be first in line to buy the system. I’ll just pretend I’m sitting waaaaaayyyyy in the back row of the theater….

A $25 credit for the online store.

Voila, now it’s a great deal!

I just won’t eat out for a couple of months. And I sure won’t be buying a case for it.

What would you like to see included at that price?


  1. Maybe the case should be included too, because $300 is a nasty hit to anyone’s wallet. 😛

  2. Well, to be fair, $300 isn’t exactly the decided price on a U.S. 3DS. But I agree with everything you said, and what Jericho said, for that price, it should come with a case, along with all the stuff you listed.

  3. I woudl like to see what they did with the DSi. Buy the 3DS within the first six months or so, and get either $10-20 or maybe preinstalled games onto the memory from the get go. I woudl be all over that.

  4. I mean $10-20 in free Nintendo points to spend in the 3DS shop channel. I woudl spend that on the Virtual console game boy stuff adn also the 3D enhanced old games they mentioned woudl be coming out. May be a 3D movie or two.

  5. I would be so thankful if there was a pack-in game. I hate having just enough money to buy the system only!

  6. If I remember correctly, haven’t they said that there would be a series of augmented reality games that come preloaded on the 3DS? That’s something, I guess.

  7. I would like to see it dropped to $200 with a packed in game. So in other words, I’m not getting a 3DS for quite awhile.

  8. I would be all over a 3DS with no cradle or SD cards. I just wouldn’t want them. I’d be ok with a price point at around 225. Maybe they could release one with and one without.

  9. I’ll gladly spend the $300 on it. Keep in mind this is superior technology to the previous DS and PSP. Remember how much the PSP launched for?

    However, it would be nice to get a pack in game, my vote would be for OoT 3D, Paper Mario, or even MGS 3 Snake Eater. Also $10-$20 in DS Points would be nice, get a few classic gameboy games as well.

  10. If its gonna be priced at $300, I’d like it to come with a charging cradle and 1000-2000 Nintendo Points. A pack-in game would be nice too.

  11. I think a lot of people are forgetting, like Rawktapus mentioned, that a series of augmented-reality games are preinstalled on the hardware. That said, I’ll be going to the store and getting Metal Solid 3: Snake Eater when I go to get my 3DS.

  12. i agree thats a deal! but i tell you what the in store 3DS will be on serious lock down hardware they will probably have it playing behind glass or ball and chain

  13. Honestly…1 game of your choice…a free movie credit…and like…3 free games for the VC would be great for $300

  14. I don’t know how demos kiosks will work for the 3DS. Every handheld system I’ve ever seen on display was absolutely destroyed from wear. I’ve seen a couple of demo DSes in stores that were so scratched up, I could barely tell what was on the screens.

  15. $249.99 price including what has been made available for the Japanese launch as well as: a code to download a 3DSware game, a VC game and a 3D movie (doesn’t have to be a full feature one, just a 20 minute movie on 3D will do just fine).

  16. I’d like to know what the software is going to be priced. VC, DSWare, and regular cartridges. $39.99 for first party Nintendo games and $35 for regular 3DS games?

  17. The 3DS WILL NOT sell for $300 dollars, the yen is really strong at the moment and NO price has been amnnounced. $250 sounds more realistic, think about how advanced and powerful this device is.

  18. Is the 3ds really powerful, though? I’d bet dollars to donuts that it’s several steps up from the 3ds but I’m sure it’s behind the curve of the current gen iPods and tablets. Not that I think it matters that it’s underpowered (I love my Wii and DS) but the 3D screen is what N is banking on to sell this machine.

  19. *Step up from the DS not 3DS

  20. XD XD XD Do you pretend that Nintendo give you for free a game? XD Before that, Mario quits Nintendo. I think that probably they give 3dsi points or something like that.

  21. Espero que me lo podía permitir.

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