Dream Eaters add great new gameplay twists to Kingdom Hearts

My first hours with Kingdom Hearts 3D has pulverized one of my biggest worries about the game; I didn’t think the Dream Eaters would make good replacements for the Heartless, or decent stand-ins for normal sidekicks Donald and Goofy.

Turns out, the Dream Eaters couldn’t be more fun, both as enemies and allies. Creating, collecting and customizing your own team of Spirits (good Dream Eaters) and sending them to battle other spirits in the excellent Flick Rush mini game has turned out to be as much fun as the main quest itself.

This overall addition to the franchise is brilliant; the title’s creators have smoothly integrated a robust Pokemon/Monster Rancher element into the gameplay. You can ignore it if it’s not your thing, or you can spend hours and hours trying to complete your collection of customizable warriors.

Several of us here at Infendo are currently keyblading our way through KH3D, and we’ll have a review up soon. Hint: the game’s awesome.